Home Comics Wolverines United: Marvel’s new multi-verse adventure

Wolverines United: Marvel’s new multi-verse adventure

Wolverines United: Marvel’s new multi-verse adventure

Find out how Jane Howlett and the other wolverines face a formidable enemy

In an unexpected twist that promises to shake up the Marvel Universe, the publisher announces Weapons of the X-Men, a four-issue collection of Wolverine variations from multiple realities. In the year Set to launch in March 2024, this exciting series is created by writer Christos Gage and artist Yildiray Chinar. But what makes this series so special?

Christos Gage, Lobezno, Marvel Comics, Weapon X-Men, Yildiray Çinar

A collection of versatile heroes

Weapons Story In this story, Phoenix recruits five of Professor X’s first students to solve another time-consuming disaster. However, they face an unprecedented threat, leading the team to call the X-Men “the big guns”.

The most popular thing about Armored X-Men is that it focuses on different Wolverines from different universes. These include Wolverine from Age of Apocalypse, Wolverine from Earth X, Zombie Alter, Old Man Logan and a new alter Jane Howlett from Earth-1281. Together, these iconic characters face an enemy that even the phoenix fears.

The new Wolverine that brings the multiverse

Among the various variations of Wolverine brought together in this epic adventure, Jane Howlett stands out, a recent addition to the pantheon of Marvel heroes. His presence not only adds variety to the team, but also opens up new narrative possibilities. Jane from Earth-1281 is a reflection of how Marvel continues to innovate and expand the universe, bringing new perspectives to classic characters.

Christos Gage, Lobezno, Marvel Comics, Weapon X-Men, Yildiray ÇinarChristos Gage, Lobezno, Marvel Comics, Weapon X-Men, Yildiray Çinar

On the other hand, the idea of ​​bringing together multiple versions of characters like Logan is not only a tribute to his legacy, but also to Marvel’s rich history. Compared to the likes of Old Man Logan or zombie variants, this new comic not only celebrates the various iterations of the X-Men’s most famous mutant over the years, but also offers a refreshing and fun look at what it means to be this venerable. behavior in different universes. This versatile presentation promises a unique experience for new readers and longtime fans alike.

An interesting project for Gage and Çinar

Christos Gage has expressed his excitement to continue exploring the Marvel Multiverse in Weapon X-Men by working with the talented Yildirai Chinar. Gage highlights Çinar’s ability in both action scenes and crowd representation, comparing him to the legendary George Pérez. It promises an action-packed game full of key character moments, pathos, and literally devastating events.

“The all-Wolverine team, including a never-before-seen Jane Howlett! From the first X-Men threat? With Yildiray Çinar, whose skills in action scenes are as good as his characters and with a Jorge Perez-like level of skill with many people? Go from one alternate universe to another! Sign me up! We’re packing tons of action, story, character moments, pathos, and sometimes literally devastating moments in these four issues, so don’t miss out,” says Gage.

Christos Gage, Lobezno, Marvel Comics, Weapon X-Men, Yildiray ÇinarChristos Gage, Lobezno, Marvel Comics, Weapon X-Men, Yildiray Çinar

The countdown begins

WEAPON X-MEN #1 is on sale March 6, 2024 from Marvel Comics. This series promises to be an exciting addition to the Marvel canon, taking Wolverine and his alter egos to new narrative and visual heights. With the promise of a powerful narrative and unique art, Weapon X-Men is shaping up to be a must-see for fans of the comics and the Marvel Universe.