Winter Soldier-led Thunderbolts New Age Buck Barnes

 Winter Soldier-led Thunderbolts New Age Buck Barnes |  His house

Marvel’s latest venture into action and espionage with Becky at the helm in the Thunderbird miniseries.

They say that legends are born from the ashes, and the best way to prove it is Bucky Barnes, the eternal winter soldier, who decided to take his chance and his new team in the new Thunderbolts series. Colin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, the masterminds behind Captain America: The Sentinel of Liberty, bring us this spy adventure, where Bucky and an elite team face off against villains seemingly from an immortal fantasy. But are you ready for what’s to come?

More than a team, a family of fighters

The writers throw us completely into a plot where the action never stops. Every page of Thunderbolts is filled with adrenaline and unexpected combinations, as Buck Barnes fronts spies and anti-heroes against a rogues gallery that shakes up the brave. From Red Skull to Kingpin, Doom to American Kaiju, this comic promises to be a rollercoaster of epic fights.

But the story of Bucky and his team is more than a simple conflict. It is a story of redemption, leadership and intertwined destinies. Sharon Carter and Valentina Allegra de Fontaine take up the cause, bringing their own inspiration and sophistication. Can Bucky turn this dysfunctional group into a family that can defeat the monsters that threaten the safety of the world?


The past determines the future

We cannot ignore the rich history that Bucky drags along as he is guided by a shadowy organization that has kept him in the iron fists for decades. With the help of Steve Rogers, he broke those chains, and now, with the resources of his former masters, he wants to write a new chapter. Can he leave behind the ghosts of the past to create hope for the future for the team?

The creative genius behind Thunderbolt seduces us with the promise of extraordinary and explosive dynamics, like Club Fuego Infernal’s triple date that makes us want to be a part of this select group. Natasha Romanoff and Yelena Belova bring their killer chemistry and share their past with Bucky, providing a perfect counterpoint to the lead.

Black Widow’s new armor

And for those who love detail, the appearance of the Venom symbiote in Natasha Romanoff promises to change the action and delve deeper into the inner struggle of our heroes. It’s a visual and emotional style that proves this comic is more than a story of heroes against villains. It’s a deep exploration of what it means to be a warrior in a world where the lines between good and evil are blurred.

So, Marvel fans, grab your pages, because Thunderbolts is here to redefine action and adventure. Are you ready to join Bucky Barnes’ crusade for justice? This December, the answer comes with the long-awaited debut of this title. Don’t miss it, because if one thing is clear, in the Marvel universe, even when the stakes aren’t as high, there’s always room for a new legend.


The vision behind the Thunderbolts phenomenon

There is a saying that “behind a great comic, there are great creators” and Thunderbolt seems to be no different. In Geraldo Borges, Colin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing found not only a universe full of action and emotion, but also an artist who could bring their vision to life. “Geraldo is incredible!” Kelly said. she told us. Appreciation is clear when Borges describes how he channels his “inner Mignola,” referring to the iconic Mike Mignola in Marvel’s action comics. This unique design and color palette contributes to “standing out in the wild”.

If you’re looking for a fast-paced, action-packed adventure, Kelly assures Thunderbolts will give you more than your money’s worth. Not only this, but there will be a flood of emotions. The co-creator highlights the Hellfire Club and the Kingpin as some of Bucky’s targets, which puts the team deep into the crazy storm that’s currently happening with the X-Men.

Lanzing also shed light on this aspect, noting that those following Fisk’s adventures in the X-Men world should watch Thunderbolts, saying that despite Fisk’s role as a hero, he is “not quite the hero” and is doomed. hardly ever.

Compact and powerful adventure

While it’s rumored to have elements of a serialized show and long-running storyline, Kelly said that despite only four issues, the pacing will be absolutely breakneck. It demonstrates the “start late, leave early” narrative technique, a method of being as sparing as possible with the story, entering and exiting scenes with precision and efficiency. Kelly, “There’s a lot of comic in this comic!” She couldn’t help but laugh.


When asked if they are interested in creating more stories after these four issues, Lanzing does not hesitate to confirm his interest, although he mentions that for now Marvel will only have four. Kelly added that what they’re doing is writing an exciting four-issue adventure and if they get the chance to do more, they definitely will, but right now they’re putting everything into it.

A global adventure with deep impact

Lansing details the scope of Thunderbolts: World Strike, an action adventure where eight heroes and four villains travel the world with a strong and well-conceived take on the Marvel Universe. He emphasizes the importance of not targeting big villains like the Red Skull; They intend to make a real dent in this character, as he says, he deserves it.

Reflecting that we are nearly 100 years after World War II and still fighting the Red Skull, Lanzing sees an interesting sociological angle that Bucky noticed as a result of the Game of the Century. to stop him. But what does this mean and how do you do when seven more appear every time you kill the Red Skull? This becomes the focus of the book, and as Lanzing notes with a laugh, all these Marvel spy heroes beating up some Nazis was too exhausting to write.

Thunderbolts #1 is slated for release on December 6th, marking a date that will change the course of the Marvel Universe as we know it.