Wallace and Gromit are back with a vengeance in Feathered McGraw

wallace y gromit

A famous villain and new adventures are on the horizon for Wallace and Gromit this summer.

As the cold weather approaches, the exciting adventures of Wallace and Gromit promise to keep us warm. Aardman Animations has confirmed the release of its new film, Wallace & Gromit: Avian Revenge, which not only brings the dynamic duo back for the first full-length film since 2005, but also marks the triumphant return of supervillain Laba McGraw. We all love to hate.

This year, Wallace may have gone too far with his latest creation: a sentient gnome that’s starting to show alarming signs of having a mind of its own. Gromit, always the more level-headed of the two, watches with dismay as Wallace’s dependence on his technological inventions grows dangerously high. Their fears are justified when the situation spirals out of control, setting off a series of events that could end Wallace’s inventions forever.

A stellar cast and a promising production

Directed by Nick Park, the mastermind behind the aesthetic of Wallace and Gromit, Avian Revenge features familiar sounds and new additions. Ben Whitehead reprises his role as Wallace, and the cast is enriched by the presence of stars like Peter Kay, Reece Shearsmith, and cameos by Lenny Henry and Adjoa Ando. This blend of talents promises a perfect on-screen alchemy that will delight fans and new viewers alike.

The most anticipated thing in this production, without a doubt, is the return of Laba McGraw. In the year The evil penguin, who made his debut in 1993’s acclaimed short The Wrong Pants, returns three decades later and looks set to set his sights on Wallace’s new garden. Nick Park revealed that he always wanted to make a film with evil gnomes and finally found the perfect spark with Feathers.

Wallace y Gromit

International premiere in time for Christmas

The film will premiere in the UK on the BBC and globally on Netflix, allowing fans everywhere to enjoy this new adventure. The premiere is scheduled for this Christmas, making it the perfect plan to enjoy with the family during the holidays.

The return of Feather McGraw is not only exciting for longtime fans, but also a gateway to new stories in the Wallace and Gromit universe. With More Avian Revenge, Aardman promises to recapture the magic of his previous adventures, but adds a touch of mystery and excitement with a “Gnome Noir” touch that Park says will appeal to a global audience. Fix your calendar and get ready for an adventure that promises to be as fun as nostalgia.

Wallace y Gromit

Aardman Animation Projects

Internationally known for its charismatic animation style, Aardman Animations has been a creative force since its inception in 1972. His ability to inject warmth and humor into each of his projects has won the hearts of audiences of all ages. Among his most famous creations, the Wallace and Gromit series has not only won an Oscar, but has become a cultural icon in the UK and beyond.

In addition to Wallace and Gromit, Aardman produced other successful titles such as Chicken Run and Shaun the Sheep. These series and films are known for their ingenious use of stop-motion animation, which defined Aardman’s unique style. Aardman’s ability to tell evocative stories with expressive characters and detailed settings continues to establish him as a leader in the animation industry.

Creativity does not stop with the movies and series; Aardman has also explored other media, including digital advertising and gaming, expanding his reach and demonstrating his creative versatility. Aardman’s continued commitment to creative excellence and innovation ensures that his influence lives on in the world of animation.