Venom War will be revealed on Free Comic Book Day

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This Saturday marks Free Comic Book Day in the US, and we can immerse ourselves in exclusive previews of Venom and Spider-Man

Venom’s epic odyssey is bolstered this year by the “Venom War” event, a preview of which will take place next Saturday at Free Comic Book Day. In an unexpected twist, Marvel fans can get a glimpse of the dark paths that Eddie and Dylan Brook will begin to travel from August.

A new war is coming.

Delving into the “Venom War” plot, we realize that the rivalry isn’t just limited to the brotherly war between Eddie Brock, the original Venom, and Dylan’s offspring. The narrative revolves around the enigmatic figure of Eventuality, who promises to be Eddie’s final appearance, omniscient and a constant shadow in Brooks’ space travel.

The special Free Comic Book Day issue of Spider-Man/Ultimates takes us even further, exploring Venom’s space travel through time and space. On this journey, Dylan shares a disturbing sight: the Lamphand, a specter that torments Eddie throughout the odyssey. This detail not only adds depth to Dylan’s character, but is directly related to the revelations about his destiny and growing powers.

Child poisoning

Solving the ninth cosmos

The story also delves into the mysteries of the Ninth Cosmos, as the current one hopes to be revealed after death. In Al Ewing’s previous stories, the Hulk possessed by the body below was shown to destroy all life. Now, it looks like Venom has taken over as champion in this future reality, introducing the possibility of time travel that could change the trajectory of other characters in the Marvel Universe.

Free Comic Book Day not only provides a window into future conflicts, but also features Dylan Brook as a version of Cable, suggesting a significant upgrade in the Ultimate Universe. This is a clear indication that the surprises are not over and Marvel has more unexpected twists for the fans.

Poison is amazingly funnyPoison is amazingly funny

With the imminent release of The Amazing Spider-Man issue #50, fans are about to experience the return of the Goblin as they prepare for the first time for a powerful new hero in the next step in the evolution of the Ultimate Universe. Expectations are high and expectations are high.

This year, Free Comic Book Day isn’t just a celebration of free comics. It’s a deep dive into what Marvel has in store for Venom and his surroundings. Fans aren’t just reading a comic per page. You are witnessing the evolution of the universe, which continues to amaze and fascinate you with each new revelation.

Types of poison

In the wider Marvel Universe, the symbiote has undergone many transformations that have captured the attention of fans over the years. Initially introduced as a simple alien symbiote, he teamed up with multiple hosts, each bringing their own essence and complexity to the character.

Poison is amazingly funny

From the iconic Eddie Brock to lesser-known characters like Anne Weing and the controversial Flash Thompson, whose more heroic role led to Agent Venom, Venom’s many facets reflect a rich narrative diversity. More recently, the introduction of Dylan Brook as a new houseguest, exploring themes like legacy and destiny, has added an extra layer of intrigue and dramatic potential.

Additionally, variants such as anti-venom and toxins show the evolution of the symbiote and its ability to respond to conditions. These variants not only enriched the Venom mythos, but also challenged fans to see the character from new and surprising perspectives.