“Venom War” arrives, the new symbiote saga spread over six episodes.

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The Marvel Universe is set for an epic clash between multiple Venoms that promises to redefine chaos.

In the wider Marvel Universe, symbiotes have always been synonymous with mayhem, and this August, that mayhem tradition continues with “Toxic Wars.” This event is not just another chapter in the Venom saga; It’s the culmination of a narrative that’s been years in the making, and the finale promises to leave its mark on comics.

From the devastating events of “Massacre” to “Black King”, the symbiotes have provided an attack that only characters like Venom and his offspring can guarantee. Al Ewing, author of this latest story, takes Eddie Brock and his symbiotic counterpart on mind-defying adventures, exploring the complex relationship between Eddie and his son Dylan. Both heroes of the symbiotics, in their own way, now face a terrible vision of the future: an inevitable conflict, only one poison can survive.

The final conflict, the battle of destiny

Ewing, excited, elaborates on this battle: “This is the fight we’ve been preparing for since the beginning of Symbiotic Odyssey.” And where is better in the ring? I’m telling you good faith – it’s a symbiote attack like you’ve never seen before, and ultimately, only one host can claim a symbiote. Who will it be?”

In addition to the monthly Venom series, “Venom War” will span five limited series, the covers of which we’ll be releasing throughout the news. Conceived by Ewing’s direction, the series stars a team of comics industry talent, each bringing their own unique vision to the upcoming conflict. Below are the creators, covers, story summaries, and release dates for each series.

Each new series promises to explore the depths of the symbiotic conflict, giving fans an experience that goes beyond the typical battle of good vs. evil. These interconnected narratives ensure that the summer is full of action, intrigue and, above all, a lot of symbiotic color. Prepare to pick a side in the symbiotic war. Are you ready to witness a story that will change the fate of the symbiotes forever?

Best Venom comic

To understand the character’s depth and evolution in the Marvel Universe, it’s important to explore some of his most iconic traits in the comics. Since his first appearance in “The Amazing Spider-Man #300,” where Spider-Man was introduced as a new adversary, Venom has quickly become one of fans’ most beloved anti-heroes.

One of the most influential comics is “Venom: Lethal Protector”, where Venom goes from villain to anti-hero, protecting the innocent of San Francisco. This series established the symbiote as a more nuanced character and strengthened his relationship with the symbiote, adding layers to his character that had not been explored before.

Another important chapter in the Venom Saga is “Venom: Separation Anxiety.” In this series, the secondary symbiotes, who are the first element in the previous stories, play a central role in exploring the idea of ​​family and the relationship between symbiotes.

Also, “Venom by Donny Cates” is another series that cannot be ignored. At this stage, Cates reinvented the character, giving it a new origin and expanding the symbiote mythology with concepts such as the symbiote god, Knull. This comic is crucial to understanding Venom’s place in the Marvel cosmos, as it introduces elements that will determine the future of all symbiotes in the publisher.

Each of these series, in addition to adding depth and complexity to the character, played a major role in the development of the symbiotic legend, making Venom an enduring favorite in pop culture.