What if Venom is the new guest on the new series?

Marvel Alternate Realities, Symbiote Heroes, Venom Marvel, Venomized Characters, What If? Series

We explore alternate realities where Venom and Marvel’s heroes collide.

The Marvel Comics universe never ceases to amaze us and this time it brings us a proposal that enriches its pages with color and action: What if?… Venom. Imagine an alternate universe where iconic characters like She-Hulk and Wolverine carry one of the most terrifying symbiotes in their veins.

A twisted journey through Marvel

Get ready for a series of five specific issues starting at the end of February. Jeremy Holt, accompanied by the art of Jesus Hervas, invites us on a unique journey where characters like Doctor Strong, Loki and Moon Knight not only gain new powers but also the internal struggle to control the symbiote.

What would have happened if Eddie Brock had rejected the poison? This series gives us a completely different look at Brock’s anger when the symbiote chooses its first host.

The game-changing symbiote: a journey through circumstances

What if we look into the background?… Merz, ed. We get to revisit Venom, the creature that has surprised and horrified fans since his appearance in 1984’s The Amazing Spider-Man. , has been a symbol of moral duality and chaos. Now, what if?… Venom, this dark creature, and its alternate hosts explore the facts that refresh its heroic narrative.

Marvel Alternate Realities, Symbiote Heroes, Venom Marvel, Venom Characters, What If?  Series

What about the series…? He has always played with the idea of ​​alternate realities, a concept that has drawn fans to the endless possibilities of never-before-told stories. In the year Since its conception in 1977, what if…? It allowed readers to experience a universe where the smallest details changed the fate of their favorite characters. In this new installment, the symbiote provides a unique lens through which to challenge the heroes as a catalyst for change while simultaneously reflecting on their true selves.

Creators view

“It’s great to play in the world of Venom. But it’s even more fun to combine five iconic heroes with this strange parasite,” says Holt.

The idea of ​​a symbiotic Moon Knight isn’t entirely new. In the past, Marvel and Random House Worlds have contributed adult fiction inspired by these comics. Mike Chen brings us a story in October 2024 that promises to be a major chapter in the Marvel narrative.

Who will be the next guest?

What if?… Venom’s potential lies in his ability to weave what he knows into an amazing way. Just as symbiotes merge with their hosts, these episodes merge with and change our expectations. Waiting for characters like Wolverine and She-Hulk to come face to face with the corrupting influence of Venom is a testament to Marvel’s ability to keep us on the edge of our seats. With each page, we delve into a “what if” scene that not only celebrates the legacy of Poison, but expands it into new narrative horizons.

Marvel Alternate Realities, Symbiote Heroes, Venom Marvel, Venom Characters, What If?  Series

This series promises to be a fascinating exploration of the “what ifs” in the Marvel universe, giving us new perspectives on characters we love and fear. Meanwhile, Hervas Designs shows us the changes that will create excitement among fans, eager to know how Venom’s influence will change these heroes. What if the sale is scheduled for the end of February 2024?… Venom has emerged as a turning point for fans of the Marvel Universe.