Valentine’s Day: 8 animated movies about special love relationships that you should watch this year

Enredados animación romances disney ghibli

From the classic Disney proposal to a Studio Ghibli look and some unexpected gems, find 8 animated movies to make you believe in love this Valentine’s Day.

In the world of cinema, animated films have created a niche for themselves. They provide a canvas where the imagination knows no bounds, to create visually captivating stories that touch our hearts. On top of this, we showcase eight unique films that explore the magic of love in a unique way.

‘The Princess and the Frog’: A Modern Twist on a Fairytale Love Story

We begin our journey with the 2009 Disney gem “The Princess and the Frog”. This 2D animated masterpiece follows a waitress who dreams of owning a restaurant, and who undergoes an unexpected transformation when she poisons a magically cursed prince and turns him into a frog. Breaking the rules of traditional storytelling, the film combines talent and respectability to create a captivating story filled with memorable characters. “The Princess and the Frog” is not only captivating in its animation, but also makes the long-awaited focus on African-American characters stand out in Disney’s repertoire.

‘Tangled’: A Story of Self-Discovery and Love

In the year In 2010, Disney revisited the classic Rapunzel story with “Tangled.” This film strikes the perfect balance between sitcom and heartwarming romance, following Rapunzel’s journey beyond the wall where she spent her life. With its wonderful characters, stunning animation and catchy songs, “Tangled” proves that the magic of storytelling is far from lost if it is presented creatively and cleverly.

‘Whisper of the Heart’: A Ghibli gem for lovers of romance

While traveling around the world to Japan, we came across the idea for Studio Ghibli’s 1995 “Whisper of the Heart.” This love story between a book-loving girl and a boy who shares his library book selection combines elements of personal growth, romance and fantasy in a truly unique way. Family-friendly and emotive, animation is proof that animation can stand the test of time beautifully.

Animated movies romance disney ghibli valentineAnimated movies romance disney ghibli valentine

‘Your Name’: A Magical Connection Beyond Worlds

In the year Let’s jump ahead to 2016 and find the contemporary romance animation “Your Name” which tells the amazing story of two teenagers who decide to meet in person by swapping bodies. The film, with its creative premise and emotional narrative, stands out among body swap films. Think about the nature of relationships and the extraordinary connections that bring people together.

‘Howl’s Moving Castle’: Love and Self-Acceptance

In the year In 2004, maestro Hayao Miyazaki gave us “Moving Castle”. While on the surface it dazzles with action and a fantasy world, at its core it’s a heartwarming love story. It explores the journey of two characters who learn to love each other and in the process accept themselves with all their flaws. “Howl’s Moving Castle” is a testament to Miyazaki’s ability to create compelling narratives that resonate with audiences of all ages.

Animated movies romance disney ghibli valentineAnimated movies romance disney ghibli valentine

‘Anomalisa’: A Unique Perspective on Loneliness and Relationships

In the year In 2015, Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson teamed up for “Anomalisa.” This suspenseful romantic drama delves into the life of a man trapped in the monotony of his existence until he meets an extraordinary person. “Anomalisa” is a life-changing masterpiece that explores loneliness, the human need for connection and the burdens of existence. With a flawless vocal performance, he delivers a true and heartbreaking portrayal of love.

‘The Story of Princess Kaguya’: A Masterpiece of Fantasy and Feminism

We turn our sights to Japanese animation and delve into Isao Takahata’s 2013 work, “The Tale of Princess Kaguya.” Based on Japanese mythology, this fantasy drama explores themes of femininity, gender roles and social expectations. Combining elements of Japanese history and fantasy in perfect harmony, it presents a profound portrait of love and marriage. “The Story of Princess Kaguya” is a testament to the depth of storytelling in Japanese animation.

Shirk 2: Love over happiness

Our journey ends with the 2004 sequel, Shrek 2, which takes us beyond the end of the classic tale. Shrek and Fiona encounter unexpected challenges as they travel to a land far, far away. This movie teaches us to love ourselves just as we are, adding humor, creativity and meaningful themes to the original story. “Shrek 2” stands out as one of the original installments of the series thanks to its beloved characters, witty humor and enduring love story.

shrek-5 animated movies romance disney ghibli valentineshrek-5 animated movies romance disney ghibli valentine

In the wonderful world of animated romance, these movies paint love in different and attractive colors. Whether it’s the magic of Disney, the glamor of Studio Ghibli, or the genius of visionary directors, these films remind us that love knows no bounds, even in the limitless world of animation.