The three-body problem and the mystery behind Einstein’s joke

el problema de los tres cuerpos

Find out how a simple joke can provide a solution to one of the puzzles of the three-part problem

In the sprawling universe of the science fiction series, the three-body problem manages to perfectly capture the essence of human tension in the face of the unknown, as the Netflix adaptation did. Woven around alien civilizations, advanced scientific theories, and complex human nature, this drama finds its narrative key in a surprisingly simple element: a joke about Einstein. But what is unique about this joke and how does it become the cornerstone of the plot?

The series immerses us in the story of Earth facing an imminent alien invasion by San-T, beings from a distant planet who consider humans to be little more than insects. As the narrative unfolds, we realize that all hope of resistance seems lost… until a joke about Einstein and the violin reveals human ingenuity in the darkness of space.

The problem of the three bodies

The hidden style

Ye Wenji, the central character, shares this joke with Saul Durand, as a secret message between the two. This seemingly insignificant task is a veiled challenge to the San-T, who, despite their advanced technology, cannot understand human lies or metaphors. This joke serves to remind us not only of the invaders’ lack of understanding of human complexity, but also of our ability to find creative solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems.

The joke makes Saul Durand Saul Durand’s chosen target of San-T as Earth’s protector. This unexpected choice shows the depth of Wenji’s strategy, which saw Saul not only as a hopeful, but as the architect of a new form of resistance against the invaders.

The problem of the three bodiesThe problem of the three bodies

From the three physical problems to the black forest

The question is, what will Saul do to save the world? Inspired by the actions of his literary counterpart in Dark Forest, Saul must explore theories such as the Fermi Paradox and game theory to devise a plan to level the playing field against the alien threat. It is suggested that Saul may use a mutually assured destruction strategy by threatening to reveal the location of Earth and San-T’s world to the universe.

This clever plot twist not only highlights the machinations in the trio’s problem, but also sets the stage for future seasons, promising for fans of the series and readers of the books, the result is a satisfying surprise. As the three-body problem defies expectations and pushes the boundaries of science fiction, this Einstein joke stands as a powerful reminder of human cunning and the universe’s most insurmountable challenges.

The problem of the three bodiesThe problem of the three bodies

Las obras de Cixin Liu

Famed Chinese science fiction author Cixin Liu’s works have captured the imaginations of readers around the world and established himself as a contemporary epitome of speculative fiction. Stretching from the depths of the oceans to the edges of the universe, their stories explore not only the limits of science and technology, but also the complexity of human nature and the possibilities of our shared future.

In addition to his famous trilogy, Cixin Liu has written numerous short stories and various themes that explore the concept of parallel worlds and multiple universes to the impact of advanced technology on human society. His works often raise provocative questions about the fate of humanity and the role of our scientific advances.