The Simpsons has renewed continuity and the end still seems far away

Los Simpson - The Simpsons

The Simpsons ain’t saying goodbye yet! Find out why the series continues

In a world where the constant evolution of entertainment typically removes series and characters at a dizzying pace, The Simpsons stands out as a bright and persistent exception. Since 1989, this series has managed to become a satirical and sometimes prescient of society, an unbreakable icon of pop culture. Lisa Simpson’s unmistakable voice proves that Yardley Smith is endlessly optimistic for the residents of Springfield. This statement comes in the context of the fact that the series has confirmed its continuation until 2025, despite the ups and downs of viewers and critics.

Without a doubt, The Simpsons has exceeded the expectations of any other television series. With over 768 episodes and counting, America’s Most Dysfunctional Family continues to capture the attention of fans old and new. The secret? A mix between nostalgia, constant renewal of content and an uncanny ability to predict cultural events, everything from Donald Trump’s presidency to Super Bowl costumes.

Between renewal and inheritance

Speaking to Filmdweeb recently, Smith commented on the current state of the series: “We’ve filmed an amazing season. Even on zoom it was so fun and clear, you know it’s amazing. These comments highlight not only the quality of content that the team led by Matt Selman and Al Jean continues to produce, but also the series’ continued relevance, defying criticism and speculation about the ending.

Ever since Disney purchased 21st Century Fox in 2019, there has been much speculation about the future of The Simpsons. Not only is the series a valuable asset to its legacy, but also its ability to continually attract new audiences. “Disney bought Fox in part because of The Simpsons, and if it was the last season, they wanted to capitalize on that and make billions from advertising,” Smith explained. This perspective implies that Disney will continue to bet on its continuation as long as the series remains profitable and relevant.


A look at fans and pop culture

The series went beyond being a television show to become a study of contemporary American and, by extension, international culture. Each new contract and renewed season prompts a wave of speculation and analysis about his impact and legacy. “It’s still in the news and it’s still a hugely important cultural event,” Smith said. This continuity not only machined predictions and fan theories, but positioned The Simpsons as a pillar of television and digital entertainment, adapting to the dynamics of new media consumption.

As long as The Simpsons continues to produce content that resonates with audiences and remains financially and culturally viable, there doesn’t seem to be an end on the horizon. The series, which knows how to laugh at itself and the society around it, will probably continue with this, leaving a lasting legacy in the finale. So for now, Springfield is a distant but familiar home to millions, and while the end is inevitable, it still seems far ahead.


In addition to its longevity and popularity, The Simpsons is an important source of inspiration for countless animated series. Series like Family Guy, Rick and Morty, and South Park draw on its witty style and witty humor, showing that well-executed social commentary mixed with entertainment can lead to big hits. Each of these series embraced that formula, exploring complex themes through a comedic lens, marking an era in which animation was no longer limited to children’s audiences, but reaching out to a more mature and diverse audience.