Home Series ‘The Punisher’ Fires Hell’s Kitchen: Jon Bernthal Is Coming Back

‘The Punisher’ Fires Hell’s Kitchen: Jon Bernthal Is Coming Back

‘The Punisher’ Fires Hell’s Kitchen: Jon Bernthal Is Coming Back

Rumors suggest that ‘Daredevil: Rebirth’ subplot will focus more on the Punisher after recent rewrites

Marvel Universe fans are in luck: Jon Bernthal, best known for his portrayal of Frank Castle in the Netflix series, will be reprising this character in ‘Daredevil: Born Again’. The series, which had previously shown promise for success, has been surprised by its recent development, which has significantly expanded the role of the Punisher.

Frank Castle’s Road: From Hero to Protagonist

Known for his role in ‘The Walking Dead’, Bernthal debuted as Castle in the second season of ‘Daredevil’ and since then his version of the anti-hero has become widely popular. After starring in two seasons of his own series, rumors swirled about his return to reboot ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ on Disney+, and his involvement has finally been confirmed.

Although the details of the plot remain a secret, close sources suggest that The Punisher will play a crucial role. A recent revision of the script expanded the story, introducing a subplot in which the vigilante fights corrupt cops who use his badge. This new approach promises to add complexity to the complex world of ‘Daredevil’.

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Conflicts and alliances: Castle and Murdock on crime

There is speculation that Fisk’s campaign to clean up the city’s streets could put the Avengers in the villain’s crosshairs, possibly forcing an alliance between Castle and Matt Murdock. This dynamic opens up different narrative possibilities, reinforcing the series’ central conflict.

In addition to the on-screen changes, Dario Scardapane, known for his work on ‘The Punisher’, has reportedly joined the team as showrunner. This change suggests a new direction for the series, with a darker, more nuanced approach in keeping with the tone of Castle’s stories.

Promising actors

‘Matt Murdock/Daredevil’ (Charlie Cox) and ‘Kingpin’ (Vincent D’Onofrio) will not be alone. Recent set photos confirm that Elden Henson and Deborah Ann Wall will reprise their roles as Foggy Nelson and Karen Page, respectively. This reunion of popular characters from the Netflix original series adds even more excitement to the highly anticipated return of ‘Daredevil’.

The payer

Originally scheduled for 18 episodes, the series may be cut to a 9 (or 6) episode first run before the break. While there is no official release date yet, this news has created a lot of anticipation among Marvel fans.

Punisher’s Journey on Netflix

Frank Castle, also known as The Punisher, is the character in his own series on Netflix, which explores his transformation from a former marine to a ruthless vigilante. The journey begins when his family is brutally murdered in the wrong place during an undercover operation. Consumed with grief and anger, Castle uncovers the conspiracy of street criminals and embarks on a mission to avenge those responsible.


Over the course of the series, Castle takes on a variety of opponents, from gangsters to corrupt government officials, demonstrating his prowess in combat and military tactics. However, the struggle is internal, between justice and revenge, and the morals are blurred.

Frank Castle’s character, despite his brutal methods, is glaringly complex and human. The series presents themes such as trauma, corruption, and the consequences of violence, as Castle seeks redemption and purpose beyond his thirst for revenge. The Penscher series has been praised for its strong narrative and Jon Bernthal’s deep performance, which captures the character’s tormented nature and steely determination.