The Orville is still waiting and Seth MacFarlane hopes to return

The Orville

Seth MacFarlane continues to commit to the next season of The Orville until he gets a reverse order, but a return to the series has not been confirmed.

The Orville saga may be far from over. While the future of the show after its third season remains uncertain, series creator and star Seth MacFarlane has breathed new hope into fans with his recent statements. In an interview on The Mike Henry Show, MacFarlane expressed his commitment to the show, confirming that he still plans to explore its unique universe.

McFarlane’s unwavering commitment

In the year What started out as a passion project for MacFarlane in 2017 on Fox premiere has taken a unique turn. After a typical two-season run, The Orville has found a new home on Hulu, with a third season, titled “New Horizons,” premiering in 2022. Although Hulu has yet to confirm the renewal or cancellation of the series with the puzzle. The final season, titled “Future Unknown,” kept MacFarlane’s flame of hope alive.

When talking about personal projects, MacFarlane quickly corrected himself after mentioning The Orville in the past, stressing that his plans for future episodes are far from the past. “The Orville was a passion project… I would say ‘was,’ but I don’t want to say ‘was,’ because there will be more,” MacFarlane insists, solidifying his vision for the series’ future.

The balance between multiple obligations

However, the road to the fourth season is not easy. MacFarlane is a busy man, with several projects under his belt that demand his attention. Family Guy, one of his greatest hits, is in production with long-term plans that don’t show an immediate end. Additionally, the Ted series at Peacock has proven to be another hit for the animator, and his ambitions include bringing Family Guy to the big screen, a project he’s been working on for the past 15 years.


This situation presents a challenge for McFarlane, who must balance his time and resources between these successful projects and his desire to continue exploring the Orville universe. However, his passion and love for the series is clear, and fans hope that his journey across the galaxy is far from over.

Orville’s unique style

The Orville, often described as a love letter to the classic science fiction series, is particularly distinguished by its unique approach to combining humor with serious science fiction. While the structure and narrative style may be reminiscent of Star Trek, Seth MacFarlane stamps the series with his trademark comedy, which is well known to Family Guy fans. This balance creates a unique atmosphere in which serious topics are explored through a humorous lens, allowing viewers to reflect on ethical and social crises while being entertained.

The Orville’s ability to play with genre clichés while delivering deep stories and well-developed characters is a key factor in its success. The series not only entertains, but also invites viewers to think critically about the topics it addresses, such as equality, justice and humanity. This duality ensures that The Orville offers more than just laughs: it offers a thoughtful look at the human condition, wrapped in a space series entertaining format.


What’s next for The Orville?

As fans wait patiently, speculation about The Orville’s future continues to grow. The season finale, titled “Unknown Future,” has never been more relevant, as it perfectly reflects the uncertainty and speculation surrounding the series. With McFarlane ready to navigate these challenges, the future remains uncertain but bright.

Keeping an eye on the horizon, creators and fans share the same desire: to make The Orville return and continue its journey. With McFarlane’s passion and persistence, the fourth chapter of this space adventure may be closer than many believe.