The next Alien series will receive an update from the creator

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Noah Hawley talks about the show focusing on the Alien franchise

Noah Hawley, head of the upcoming Alien series, talks about the process of creating the project and how involved Ridley Scott was.

Will the Alien program feature Ridley Scott?

The first film in the saga was released by Scott in 1979, starting a franchise made up of six films. Now, this universe will expand beyond the big screen with a new series from the creator of the Fargo show.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Hawley confirmed just how much collaboration he has with Scott on the series. The filmmaker is said to be executive producing the film through his production company Scott Free Productions, but Scott is busy with other projects.

“I mean, are the Coens involved in Fargo? Let’s just say I had more conversations with Ridley than I did with Joel and Ethan. Scott Free [Productions] “Alien is producing and Ridley is making two or three movies a year, that’s basically how it works.”

“I mean, Ridley was an incredible collaborator as far as picking his brain about his ideas, his processes, his decisions and the things he learned. And I try to keep it [al tanto] And send him material to make him feel respected and included. But he’s doing his job.”

Hawley has proven to have a unique vision with shows like Fargo and Legion, so the Alien project is in good hands and fans of the saga can rest easy for now.