The most surprising details of Deadpool and Wolverine in the new trailer


The second trailer of the movie sets the stage for everything we will see in Deadpool and Wolverine and here we collect the most characteristic ones.

The shocking trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine has hit the scene, promising to be one of the boldest and most challenging films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Expectations couldn’t be higher: not only will this film be the first R-rated film on the MCU’s big screens, but it will also be a turning point for these iconic characters.

Deadpool and Wolverine content

From the very first moment, the trailer takes fans in a whirlwind of action and comedy. The cast, armed with katanas and claws, don’t let up and face familiar and new foes, including TVA agents and villains from X-Men’s past. However, the biggest reveal is the appearance of a new threat linked to none other than Charles Xavier, Professor X. Not only does this new villain promise to be a formidable foe, it also delves into the complexity and darkness of the mutant universe.

In a sequence that perfectly captures the essence of both characters, Deadpool and Wolverine walk down a ruined street marked by their past battles. Among the ruins, hints of Marvel history come to life, with graffiti and signs directly referring to events such as “Copperheads”, characters from the Marvel Universe, and the recently announced “Captain America: Serpent’s Guild”.

Cassandra Nova and the Giant-Man’s Skull

The plot reaches its climax with the appearance of Emma Corrine playing Cassandra Nova. This character, who has a direct relationship with Professor X, introduces a scheme of manipulation and psychic powers that promises to be central to the film. Additionally, the trailer takes us to a macabre setting featuring a giant-man skull, revealing an atmosphere full of multi-faceted possibilities.

Deadpool and WolverineDeadpool and Wolverine

Not surprisingly, many villains from previous X-Men films return. Figures like Azazel, Lady Deathstroke, and Toad hint at fan-pleasing alliances and conflicts. Additionally, the trailer surprises us with vehicles that look like they’ve been taken from a dystopian future, including a unique Red Skull car.

Dogpool and secret entrances

One of the most awaited and amazing moments is the dog pool scene which adds humor and tenderness to the trailer. This character, a dog with rehabilitative skills, joins the action in an explosive and exciting context. And as if that wasn’t enough, closing the trailer shows Deadpool and Wolverine jumping into a portal in pure Doctor Strange style, expecting unexpected collaborations and crossovers with other MCU characters.

deadpool and wolverinedeadpool and wolverine

Ultimately, Deadpool and Wolverine is shaping up to be a movie that is not only entertaining and surprising, but also expands the boundaries of the MCU like never before. With a perfect balance between action, humor and drama, this trailer promises an unforgettable cinematic experience full of easter eggs and will delight even the most die-hard fans. The first countdown has begun, and expectations couldn’t be higher.

In addition to the main characters and villains already mentioned, Deadpool and Wolverine may surprise us with the presence of other famous characters from the Marvel universe. One possible inclusion would be Daken, Wolverine’s son, with his conflicted family dynamics and ambivalence as hero and villain. Another interesting candidate is Mystique, who could play an important role in the plot given her past with Wolverine and her ability to shape it, adding a layer of deception and strategy to the story. Additionally, it wouldn’t be surprising to see some members of The Avengers make cameos, especially considering the recent ties between the various MCU franchises.