The final Spider-Man series will feature a new twist on the fate of the Green Goblin

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The revelation about Norman Osborn in the Ultimate Spider-Man universe is causing quite a stir.

The Ultimate Universe has been incredibly reinvented, and the Ultimate Spider-Man series is no different. As the issue progressed, fans experienced significant changes from the original Earth-616 universe and the original version of the Ultimate universe. The latest preview brings us another shocking revelation: the fate of Norman Osborn, the legendary Green Goblin and one of Spider-Man’s most feared foes.

Written by Jonathan Hickman and art by David Messina, the fifth installment of the series begins with a flashback to Norman Osborn’s troubled past. In this reality, Norman is just as abusive as the other versions, which adds more layers to the complex relationship with his son Harry Osborn.

A look at the past

Preview pages show Norman Osborn as an authoritarian and abusive father, a recurring theme in various versions of the character. This short scene also shows how Harry Osborn took over Oscorp at a young age, with the death of his parents leaving him to run the family business.

Norman Osborn Dundee Verde Spider-Man

In the third issue of Ultimate Spider-Man, a new Green Goblin is introduced, but this time as a hero instead of a villain. Harry Osborn goes undercover and joins Peter Parker to fight the killer Bullseye and investigate Wilson Fisk, a criminal known as the Kingpin. At the end of the episode, Harry reveals his identity to Peter Parker.

The new green goblin

In the fourth edition, Harry Osborn is not only a hero, but also a powerful businessman who is married to Gwen Stacy, the CEO of Oscorp. However, it is not clearly mentioned what happened to Norman Osborn or how Harry came to control the company.

The preview pages of Ultimate Spider-Man #5 hint that Harry is able to lead Oskop following the death of his parents. But, there are still many unanswered questions about the new Green Goblin. The big question is whether Norman made the Green Goblin armor and slipper before he died and Harry found them later. This dynamic is similar to the Earth-616 universe where Harry follows in his father’s footsteps as the Green Goblin. However, there is a chance that Harry will cross the line in his fight with the Kingpin and become a villain.

Norman Osborn Dundee Verde Spider-Man

Harry Osborne and his future

Harry Osborn’s fate is full of uncertainties. Will he follow in his father’s dark footsteps or find a new path? The power dynamic between Harry, Peter and other important characters like the Kingpin and Gwen Stasi promises to be one of the most interesting in the coming issues.

This fresh take on the Goblin story gives fans a new and exciting perspective. The relationship between Harry and Norman Osborn, along with Harry’s evolution as the new Green Goblin, adds more focus and excitement to the series.

Ultimate Spider-Man #5 will be in comic book stores starting May 29, 2024. Don’t miss this exciting chapter that tells the fate of Spider-Man’s most famous villains.

Ultimate Spider-Man Norman Osborn Dundee Verde Spider-ManUltimate Spider-Man Norman Osborn Dundee Verde Spider-Man

The Last Spider-Man reimagines Norman Osborn.

The fifth installment of the new Arachnid series promises to change the perception of one of the most complex villains in the Marvel Universe. With Jonathan Hickman and David Messina in the lead, this series continues to twist fans in unexpected ways and delve into the familial relationships that define Spider-Man and his enemies.

This new chapter is important to understanding the direction the series will take and its impact on the Ultimate universe. Harry Osborn’s transformation and his father Norman’s shadow provide a narrative rich in tension and character development.

For Spider-Man fans, this new episode is a must-see. Stay tuned with Ultimate Spider-Man and see how the future of Norman and Harry Osborn unfolds in this renewed Ultimate Universe.