Home Curiosities The Dark Secret of Belan Skoal: What Clues Reveal About Order 66 and Anakin Skywalker?

The Dark Secret of Belan Skoal: What Clues Reveal About Order 66 and Anakin Skywalker?

The Dark Secret of Belan Skoal: What Clues Reveal About Order 66 and Anakin Skywalker?

Ahsoka’s series left us with many interesting plot points, such as Beylan Skoal’s possible relationship with Anakin and Order 66.

Have you ever wondered what the hell Beylan Skoal was doing when Anakin Skywalker was going crazy and getting beaten up in the Jedi Temple? Well, it looks like Ahsoka’s latest episode will give us some pretty juicy answers about her mysterious past. Pay attention, fans, because this is going to be fun.

It’s time to sit down and talk about something very serious: Order 66. If you’ve seen Revenge of the Sith, you know this is no joke. And what we’re about to tell you will make you see Baila in a whole new way. Come on, our son is into complicated things, we already know that, but what is happening now is another story.

Ahsoka Baylan Skoll

An enigma called Baylan Skoll

Beilan is one of those characters that never leaves you indifferent. That whole story of the Jedi and the surviving Order 66 already gives you a sense of mystery that cries out for you to explore more. But now we discover that his relationship with the Order may be more than survival.

When Anakin decided it was time to cut his losses, it was clear that he was the one in the Jedi Temple himself. Or because of the darkness, rather. And that, folks, is what explains why Baylan is at the height of Anakin’s transformation into Darth Vader. Because, let’s face it, it’s not like public domain information, right?

The dark side and the frustration of the Jedi

The Jedi’s role as peacekeeper was eventually reduced to an empty rank. This disillusioned Baylan to the point of distancing himself from Jedi dogma. The damage to Order 66 may have been the final straw for discontent with the Order and what caused it to fall to the dark side.

Anakin Baylan SkillAnakin Baylan Skill

And here’s the most mind-blowing thing: Pereda, the current target, may be the key to understanding the origins of the Jedi and their vicious power struggle. Could this be the biggest mystery Baila is trying to solve?

Anakin and Baylan: Beyond the Crossing of Swords

The fight with Ahsoka in episode 4 showed us that Balan knows the truth behind Anakin’s transformation into Darth Vader. The question is: Why didn’t Anakin kill Bella in Order 66? Did they meet at some point and Vader decided to save her life for some unknown reason? This could indicate a deep connection between them, and who knows, maybe a bigger plan at play.

It’s not easy being Baylan Skoal, a man who has seen a lot and keeps secrets in a war-torn galaxy. But let’s talk a little about his relationship with Anakin Skywalker during Order 66. Let’s remember that Anakin was the executive arm of the Order that destroyed the Jedi. But what happened in the corridors of the Jedi Temple? Balan and Anakin cross swords? Or perhaps, more interestingly, was there a meeting of words between the two?

Ahsoka Baylan SkollAhsoka Baylan Skoll

A future where secrets reveal the truth

If Balan knows more about Anakin’s transition into Darth Vader, his character becomes a living witness to one of the most defining moments in the galaxy. This not only makes him a relevant figure for understanding the historical context of Order 66, but also gives him special significance for any future attempts to redeem or explain what happened in those dark days. With Balan in place, the pieces of Anakin’s puzzle may finally come together, revealing details that could change our understanding of Star Wars forever.

Beilan is thought to be one of the few Jedi who knew about Anakin’s plan before Order 66 was executed. As he was about to burn, there was a silent harmony in the shadows of the temple. Let’s imagine for a second that Anakin, already half-transformed into Darth Vader, presents Baylan with a choice: join him or die. In a moment of clarity, or perhaps weakness, Anakin could have let Bella escape, thinking their paths would cross again in the future.