Home Series The creators of “Expanse” are ready for the new space odyssey “Mercy of the Gods”.

The creators of “Expanse” are ready for the new space odyssey “Mercy of the Gods”.

The creators of “Expanse” are ready for the new space odyssey “Mercy of the Gods”.

“Mercy of the Gods,” the new project by Daniel Abraham and T. Frank, creators of “The Expanse,” promises us a space opera.

After conquering the stars with ‘The Expanse’, James SA Corey, the pen name of authors Daniel Abraham and T. Frank, promises us a new astral journey. In the year In 2024, the eyes of science fiction fans will fall on “The Mercy of the Gods”, a space opera trilogy that promises to be as great as its predecessor. Are you ready to start this new adventure?

The first book of the trilogy, “The Captive War,” takes us into a universe where the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. Set in an ancient galactic context, the people of Angein face the relentless Caryx, a part-empire, part-hive civilization known for its brutality in the galactic invasion. But who will play the final card in this star power dance?

Dafid Alkor: from assistant to the protector of the people

The story is drawn into an unexpected environmental conflict to find Dafid Alkhor, a research assistant. From academic intrigue to affairs of the heart, Dafydd goes from being a bystander to a key player in a dangerous game that threatens the survival of his species.

Condemned against humanity’s rebellion and mysterious and deadly enemies, Dafydd’s group pays a high price to become Caryx’s loyal servants. But what secrets will they discover about their new masters? And how do they use that knowledge to prove their existence?

“The breadth”: the legacy of multiple perspectives

Let’s remember that ‘The Expanse’ is used to a narrative that alternates between multiple points of view, focusing mainly on the crew of the Rocinante. Can we expect the same technique in “Mercy of the Gods”? How will the writers’ previous experiences influence this new trilogy?

The vast science fiction

With the release date of the first book set for August 6, 2024, fans are counting down the days to immerse themselves in this new universe. And while we wait, ‘The Expanse’ is still available on Amazon Prime Video, offering a nostalgic trip through the seasons.

The work of James SA Corey

James SA Corey, Daniel Abraham and Ty Frank, a pseudonym, revolutionized the science fiction genre, especially with the hit series ‘The Expanse’. This literary collaboration began in 2011 with the release of the first book in the series “Leviathan Wakes”. Since then, ‘The Expanse’ series has expanded into nine novels, each bringing rich depth and complexity to the series’ universe.

Corey’s ability to weave stories that integrate politics, war, and human relationships into a science fiction context has been widely praised. His books are characterized by a narrative that shifts between multiple points of view, providing a panoramic view of a complex and detailed universe. This method allowed readers to fully immerse themselves in the world they created, emotionally connecting with many characters.

A modern science fiction series

The success of ‘The Expanse’ is not limited to the books. The television adaptation of the same name has also been successful in capturing the essence of the books and expanding their reach to a wider audience. In the year The television series, which began in 2015 and ended in 2022 after six seasons, has been praised for its realistic portrayal of life in space and complex political intrigue.

James SA Corey’s work not only entertained millions of people, but also contributed significantly to the science fiction genre, inspiring a new generation of writers and creators. As we prepare for the next film of the trilogy “Mercy of the Gods”, fans can expect another great narrative work, with fantastic adventures, galactic conflicts and, above all, an examination of the human condition against the backdrop of the vast universe.