The classic Maze Runner saga returns with a great reboot

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After completing the Maze Runner trilogy with Dylan O’Brien, they are going to try their luck again with the saga, giving it a new approach.

In the world of film adaptations, where every franchise seems more alive than a cat, The Maze Runner is gearing up to run again. Ten years after the first installment, 20th Century Studios promised to revolutionize James Dashner’s original trilogy, as the director of the first films, Wes Ball, returned, but this time as a producer.

The first steps of the new project

The wheels of change are on the saga, which has already captivated the younger generation with its mysterious and laboratory-filled dystopia. According to The Hollywood Reporter’s sources, the project is still in its early stages, with Transcendence star Jack Paglen in talks to take over the script. Also, who’s back isn’t just Wes Ball; Original producers Ellen Goldsmith-Vain and Lee Stallman return to lend their expertise, along with Vic Godfrey and Marty Bowen.

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The Maze Runner Rebirth is not presented as a simple rehash of the previous adventures or as a direct sequel. This time, the focus is on expanding the original narrative and integrating new elements that enrich the already familiar story of Thomas and his friends, who wake up in a mysterious lab without a memory. Inspired by the success of Planet of the Apes, also directed by Wes Ball, the creators wanted to explore new creative horizons and delve deeper into the saga’s universe.

A hidden treasure in science fiction

Although the original trilogy was a box office success, grossing over $924 million worldwide, critics weren’t always enthusiastic. While the first film received a lukewarm but positive reception, the sequel Rotten Tomatoes faced mixed reviews and a mixed reception from audiences, reflected in its score. However, these numbers do not stop the creators, who see a golden opportunity to redeem and expand the saga in the current revival of the young dystopian genre.

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The entertainment industry is no stranger to reboots and adaptations, as plans to revive popular franchises like Harry Potter and Twilight show. In this climate of renewal, Labyrinth Corridor seeks not only to recapture the magic of its beginnings, but to exceed expectations.

The news of the reboot of Maze Runner has created hope among fans and promises new adventures and challenges, the question remains: will this new version be able to capture and surpass the spirit of its predecessors? Only time, and perhaps another twist, will tell.

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Other sagas that can reach the cinema

In the golden age of film adaptations, there are a number of book sagas making their big screen debut. One of them is Jonathan Stroud’s Lockwood & Co. series, a wonderful series of mystery and supernatural fantasy, perfect for paranormal lovers. Another literary treasure ripe for adaptation is Scott Westerfeld’s Ugly, a dystopia that explores the standards of beauty in the future, suitable for a young adult audience.

Also, Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen series, with its fascinating mix of politics and power, could easily be the next big movie franchise. These sagas not only have loyal fans, but also feature rich universes and complex characters that achieve success at the box office.