The cast of The Acolyte talks about “power clashes” and laser sword fights

vernestra rwoh the acolyte

Charlie Barnett and Daphne Keane share their experience on the set of The Acolyte, discussing using lights and its power with their peers.

When the cameras were off, the Acolyte cast couldn’t stop having fun with the iconic Jedi weapon. At the Los Angeles premiere, several cast members talked about their work in this new Star Wars series with different types. For those playing High Republic Jedi, having the opportunity to use the lightsaber was a dream come true.

Charlie Barnett, who played Jedi Knight Yord Fandar, mentioned that everyone played with Lucafilm’s prop lights “all day, every day”. “You know, some walls were torn down, I’m not going to lie,” admitted Barnett. Actress Daphne Keen, who plays Jackie Loone, added that the event will include not only lightsaber training and stunt work, but attending “Force meetings” to discuss the nature of the Force as a group. His guide during these sessions was “an omniscient man named Pablo. [Hidalgo]who worked at Lucasfilm for decades,” explained Keane. “Every time you got a question, you’d say, ‘I have to talk to Pablo.’


Compulsory lessons in Acolyte

Last year, showrunner Leslie Helland previewed the full scope of Jedi culture in The Acolyte , which featured “more Jedi than you’ve ever seen in any Star Wars content.” Set in the final years of the High Republic era, the series investigates Jedi-related murders and features a more dignified version of the Jedi Order, only to find a much darker plot at the heart of the matter.

Keane also previously spoke about the complicated relationship his character Jackie shares with Yord. “He is my great friend, I respect him. Jackie is always more competent than him. But he is a knight because he is big. So there’s this wonderful dynamic of him being a bit useless, and she says, ‘You’ve got to get your act together.’ It was a lot of fun to play,” he said.

vernestra rwoh the acolytevernestra rwoh the acolyte

More Jedi and amazing fighting

Acolyte features a variety of alien Jedi characters, including the mixed-race Jake, the Wookiee Kelnakan, and the veteran Master Myrialan Vernestra Rwoh. Like “Frozen meets Kill Bill” at Lucasfilm, the trailers for The Acolyte feature not only a lightsaber fight, but also several wuxia-style Force fight scenes involving the Jedi.

One such battle between Master Endara (Carrie-Anne Moss) and Slayer Mae (Amandla Stenberg) was seen at the end of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, while a recent clip showed Mae confronting the former Jedi. Master Soul (Lee Jung-jae).

Daphne Keen describes these battles as an attempt to defeat Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace. “Everybody on set is a fan of that show,” Keane explained.


Hope for the future of The Acolyte

Although The Acolyte has yet to be renewed, Headland says he wants to do “at least three” seasons set in this timeline. Additionally, the next High Republic Level III book, Forced Trials, will be released alongside the series next month.

Star Wars fans, the wait is finally over. Set in the final years of the High Republic, Acolyte arrives on June 4, promising to take viewers back to the Golden Age of the Jedi, full of stealth and epic combat. With a talented cast and a passionate creative team, the series is poised to become a new franchise favorite. Don’t miss the premiere on Disney+ and immerse yourself in this new galactic adventure.