The Boyce actor wants the series to end with a film

The Boys

Laz Alonso, the actor behind Mother’s Milk, has come up with a surprising idea: Let Sons be the end of the movie

On Josh Horowitz’s “Happy Sad Confused” podcast, Alonso shared how he tried to sell the idea for his show to Eric Kripke. Alonso commented, “They made the final episode of Episode 5 a cliffhanger and informed the movie we’ve been filming since the beginning of the series.” However, Kripke admitted with resignation that he always managed to avoid this idea.

The top of the men

Anthony Starr, who plays Homeland, talked about the series ending in a fifth season as planned by Kripke. Starr stressed the importance of closing the series on a strong note, recalling past experiences where other shows failed in their final seasons and left a bad impression. “I hope we go out on a really strong note and I think we all deserve it,” Starr reflected.

Boys’ fourth season was a tough one, setting the stage for the grand final. The boys battle Homelander’s growing power, as Hughie reunites with his mother and Homelander tries to mentor his son, Ryan. The season introduces Joe Kessler, Billy Butcher’s former military partner, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who turns out to be hallucinating because of Butcher’s brain tumor.

Season 4’s humorous tone and social commentary are more evident than ever, with eerie parallels to real-world events. From Homelander’s trial in New York to Donald Trump’s trial in New York, to the new seven-member firecracker inspired by right-wing media pundits.

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The fifth season is full of expectations

Although the plan details for the fifth season are not yet known, the fans are full of hope. Paul Reaser, former SVP of Hero Management at Vought International, has hinted at a possible return as The Legend. The series has kept its audience on the edge of their seats, and it’s clear to expect a shocking finale.

Although the original series will end in its fifth season, the Boys universe continues to expand with multiple spin-offs in development. We’ve already seen The Boys Presents: Diabolical, an animated series, and Gen V, the second season of a college spin-off. Additionally, The Boys: Mexico is in development, with Gareth Dunnett-Alcocer (Blue Beetle) writing the scripts.

Laz Alonso wants a wonderful farewell

The character of Mother Milk, played by Laz Alonso, was crucial to the dynamic of the boys. From the beginning, MM has represented the team’s moral compass, confronting the actions of Homeland and other corrupt superheroes. His background as an ex-soldier and his loyalty to his family make him one of the deepest and most complex characters. Alonso manages to convey the humanity and pain of Mother Milk, especially when faced with difficult decisions that affect her team and loved ones.

The potential cinematic conclusion to the series offers a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the journey of mother’s milk. Imagining Homeland on the big screen at the end of the war with all the special effects and dramatic tension a film can offer is a fitting end to such an iconic character. This proposal from Alonso shows not only his love for the character, but also his desire to give fans a memorable closure.

Eric Kripke, Last of the Boys, Laz Alonso, Mother's Milk, The Boys

The influence of boys on pop culture

Since its inception, Boyce has left an indelible mark on television and pop culture. The mix of action, dark humor and social commentary has kept fans hooked season after season. The possibility of a film conclusion would not only be a finale, but also a fitting tribute to the series that redefined the superhero genre.

With season four setting the stage and season five promising an epic finale, the boys are ready to go out with a bang. As fans eagerly await more details, the idea of ​​a cinematic ending remains an exciting possibility. What is clear is that whether it is a movie or not, the series will leave a lasting legacy on television and in the hearts of its fans.