Home Series The amazing creation of ‘Echo’: the law and redemption among the references

The amazing creation of ‘Echo’: the law and redemption among the references

The amazing creation of ‘Echo’: the law and redemption among the references

Find out how ‘Better Call Saul’ and apparently ‘Daredevil’ filmed the new MCU series ‘Echo’ on Disney+.

When Marvel Studios decided to bring to life ‘Echo’, a crime drama series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), they knew they needed someone special at the helm. Marion Dare, best known for her work on ‘Better Call Saul’, enters. Their mission: tell the story of redemption for Maya Lopez, played by Alaqua Cox, in her Oklahoma hometown, as she confronts the consequences of her past with her mentor, Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio), aka the Kingpin.

In her previous career, Maya appeared as a ruthless enforcer of the Tracksuit Mafia in the limited series ‘Hawkeye’. Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), who assumed Ronnie’s identity during the Blip, hunts down her father’s killer, and Maya finally confronts the Kingpin’s true nature, bringing her to a point of no return. This story of transformation and internal conflict makes ‘Echo’ a first on Disney+, the first in the Marvel Spotlight TV-MA category.

Echo, Marvel Studios

Dayre’s Touch: A Deep Narrative Legacy

Reflecting on his preparation for the series, Dyer highlights how his experience on ‘Better Call Saul’ was invaluable. Dionofrio’s performances in ‘Daredevil’ went into careful study, analyzing the superiority of the Kingpin character. This peek into the world of Netflix’s Defenders not only enriches our understanding of the Marvel Universe, but also informs the complex relationships and character development in ‘Echo.’

When Marvel reached out to Dyer, his excitement was palpable. “Until I received the meeting, I didn’t know what project it was for,” he said. It was very exciting that it was revealed that it would be for ‘Echo’. Her admiration for David W. Mack, creator of the Echo character in the comics, and the creative freedom the character offered made this project a dream come true for her.

Echo, Marvel StudiosEcho, Marvel Studios

Building ‘Echo’: A Story Based on Reality

The influence of ‘Better Call Saul’ is deeply felt in ‘Echo’, especially in how character development is approached. “We talked a lot about character development along the lines of ‘Well Call Saul,'” says Dare. Their focus on character-driven and realistic stories was strong with Marvel, leading to a fruitful collaboration. Daire brings a new dimension to the MCU narrative that delves into Maya’s truth, allowing her to tell her story in a way never seen before in the Marvel Universe.

With ‘Echo’, Marvel Studios not only expanded its universe but also introduced a new type of narrative. Blending the character-driven, gritty style of ‘Better Calling Saul’ with the action and adventure of the MCU, ‘Echo’ promises to be a series that transcends genres, delivering a story of redemption and personal discovery. The series is not only a step forward for the MCU, but also a shining example of how television can tell deep and meaningful stories.


Inspirations and References in ‘Echo’: A Show of Influence

The ‘Echo’ series draws not only on the sources of ‘Better Call Saul’ and ‘Daredevil’, but also on rich cultural and cinematographic references. Its focus on a strong and complex female character is reminiscent of creations like ‘Jessica Jones’, another Marvel production that broke the mold in its narrative and depth of female characters. Additionally, the inclusion of Native American cultural elements in ‘Echo’ suggests influences from series such as ‘Caught Dogs’, which has an authentic representation of Native communities.

This amalgamation of influences transforms the series into a mosaic of genres and styles, offering viewers a unique experience that combines crime drama, MCU action, and a diverse and rich cultural perspective. In addition to enriching the plot, these influences expand the scope and depth of the series, setting a new standard for superhero productions on television.