The acolyte lights the fire with a special lamp.

the acolyte

Vernestra Rwoh and her unique lightsaber invite you to discover the secrets of the High Republic in the new Star Wars series The Acolyte.

Star Wars fans are about to embark on a new adventure with the upcoming Acolyte series on Disney+. Among the surprises that await us is the spectacular re-introduction of High Republic Jedi Master Vernestra Rwoh and her long-awaited weapon. This detail is not easy: the light of the lamp not only glows purple, but also turns into a bright streak true to the books. A feature that promises to transform battle scenes and add a vibrant chapter to the saga.

The return of the legendary weapon and much more

The latest trailer for The Acolyte shows Vernestra in action, activating her whip in a jungle setting, marking her first major fight scene in the series. This further highlights Leslie Helland’s unfailing creativity in blending classic and new elements of the universe. In addition to Vernestra, the trailer also gives us a look at other intriguing characters like Master Soul and the Mysterious Me, whose dynamic personalities promise to be as complex as they are fun.

vernestra rwoh the acolyte

The series is set in the final years of the High Republic, which has been little explored in Star Wars film adaptations. This era is characterized by the appearance of the Sith, which, away from the forgotten threat, emerges with evil intentions, testing the Jedi Order. Recent trailers reveal that the plot is woven around the mystery of the Jedi killings, with clues revealed episode after episode, in a narrative that promises to be as deep as the mystery itself.

From Literature to Live Action: The Heroic Transition

Vernestra Rwoh, a regular character from the High Republic books, not only transitions to a live-action format, but also brings a story of growth and development. Rebecca Henderson, who plays her, portrays Vernestra as someone who has grown from a young adventurer to a mature and complex Jedi, reflecting the changes and challenges she’s faced since her days in the books, in a new series that promises to be a real breath of fresh air in the saga’s lore.

vernestra rwoh the acolytevernestra rwoh the acolyte

Set to debut on June 4, The Acolyte promises not only action and mystery, but also deep character exploration and an epic progression that could set new standards for Star Wars productions on Disney+. The series, crammed with duds and nods to familiar events and characters, is intended to capture the imagination of fans and perhaps attract a new generation of followers.

During the High Republic, the Jedi and the Sith

During the great age of the Jedi, the galaxy was protected and led by many legendary Jedi who went beyond simple wars and diplomacy. Notable among these is Avar Kris, a Jedi Master who is considered the core of the order in this day and age. His ability to connect with other Jedi through the forces was unmatched, coordinating their actions as one unit on the battlefield. Another famous Jedi was Stellan Geos, known for his deep understanding of the Jedi Law and his lightsaber fighting skills.


In contrast, the revival of the Sith was characterized by images shrouded in mystery and darkness, working in the shadows to avoid detection by the Jedi Order. The identity of these Sith was hidden, their preference for deception and theft more suited to open conflict. This strategic approach marks a tactical shift from previous conflicts with the Jedi, creating sophisticated and dangerous conflicts that threaten the stability of the galaxy. These unknown Sith and their ability to influence underground events were key to the gradual decline of the peace that characterized the High Republic.