Taylor Swift is conspicuous by her absence in Deadpool and Wolverine

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Rumors about Taylor Swift’s possible involvement in Deadpool and The Wolverine begin to surface with a major source.

Ever since the announcement of Deadpool and Wolverine, expectations were high. However, fans will have to adjust their expectations as Taylor Swift will not be in the movie according to all the rumors. Although the connection between Swift and Marvel’s main production seems plausible, especially after being seen with key people in the film, Entertainment Week confirms that we won’t be seeing Taylor in this cinematic universe.

Taylor Swift and her relationship with Marvel no longer exist.

The hype started months ago when Taylor appeared at a Kansas City Chiefs game with the film’s stars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman and director Sean Levy. Although they only supported their partner Travis Kelce, the presence of these cinema heavyweights has raised speculations. Fans have dreamed of seeing Swift play Dazzler, a character from the X-Men universe whose ability to transform music into light and energy — a role that seems perfect for the folk singer.

However, according to EW, these rumors are not more than that. Although Levy and Reynolds have been ambivalent in interviews, Reynolds himself confirmed that there was no dishonesty involved in Fandango: “There’s a lot of speculation in movies like this. I saw someone who believed Elvis was in the movie,” joked Reynolds. Obviously, the area around Deadpool and Wolverine is full of surprises, but Swift’s participation will not be one of them.

As Deadpool and Wolverine prepare to delight audiences, rumors are swirling about other Marvel Universe stars to come. Tom Holland is expected to appear as Spider-Man, thereby strengthening the relationship between the Marvel franchises. Additionally, Patrick Stewart may make a cameo appearance as Professor X, marking his return to his iconic role, adding a sense of nostalgia and excitement to the film.

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Another name buzzing around is Ian McKellen, who could reprise his role as Magneto. The inclusion of these characters will not only be exciting for fans, but could also serve as a bridge to future film collaborations in the wider Marvel Universe. Each possible appearance is shrouded in mystery, fueling speculation and theories among fans.

Reynolds and Jackman reunion

In the year After their last collaboration in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Reynolds and Jackman’s on-screen reunion was one of the most anticipated events of the year. Not only did Deadpool and Wolverine bring back beloved characters from their respective franchises, but it’s also surprising that the creators managed to keep them completely secret. Despite Swift’s absence, the cast continues to impress, with recurring characters like Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brian Hildebrand) among others.

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The film’s release slated for July 26 continues to build anticipation. And even though Taylor Swift isn’t a part of this chapter of the Marvel Universe, her influence on pop culture is undeniable. For now, the fans will have to be content with the new songs added to the Eras tour and wait for another chance to see their idol on the big screen.

So, while Taylor Swift’s presence in Deadpool and Wolverine is like a fairy tale, the film is still wrapped in an aura of mystery and anticipation. With each new detail, the excitement increases to discover what other secrets this cinematic collaboration has to offer. What surprises await us? Only time will tell.