New Visa credit cards bring Marvel comics to your wallet

 New Visa Credit Cards Bring Marvel Comics to Your Wallet |  His house

Can you imagine paying for coffee with Captain America’s shield on your credit card or buying the latest Black Panther comic with his image on it? Now it is possible

Hey, hey, Marvel Universe fans, have you ever dreamed of carrying your favorite heroes in your pocket, and no, I’m not talking about pictures or stickers on your cell phone? Disney and Visa give us the opportunity to have Captain America, Black Panther and Groot on something we use almost every day: our credit cards.

But be careful, it doesn’t just stop at a good design. If you’re one of the lucky ones who can hold one of these special cards, get ready to unlock deals and merchandise that even Tony Stark wouldn’t be able to refuse.

Great details and additional benefits

These Power Plastics aren’t the first collaboration between Disney and Visa, but they’re certainly the most intriguing to date. We have Groot doing some dance moves in front of a strange planet, Black Panther jumping on a purple background in full action, and of course, the iconic shield of Captain America. Not only that, each card has the Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy logo in the upper left corner.

Special Offers, Marvel Designs, Disney Rewards Card, Disney Visa Credit Cards

But wait, there’s more. These exclusive designs are only available to Visa Cardmembers, which entitles them to exclusive discounts and merchandise such as 10% off the official Disney online store and 20% off an annual subscription for the first time. Unlimited digital comedy platform.

Not only Marvel, but also Star Wars and others

If superheroes aren’t your thing (really?), there’s Disney and Chess, which deals and moves the cards, as well as other designs based on popular movies like Toy Story and Sleeping Beauty. Oh, and for galactic fans, there are Star Wars designs too.

And as if that weren’t enough, when you get one of these cards, you’ll also get a Disney Rewards Card that can be used to purchase Disney-themed products and services with points accumulated from previous purchases. And not only in the Disney online store, but also in participating AMC theaters in movie tickets.

Special Offers, Marvel Designs, Disney Rewards Card, Disney Visa Credit CardsSpecial Offers, Marvel Designs, Disney Rewards Card, Disney Visa Credit Cards

Strategy beyond paper and screen: The Marvel Universe expands into the world of finance.

Let’s see, how the Marvel Universe has evolved from a collection of cartoons on paper to a transmedia giant that has now even invaded our everyday economic lives. Before, comics were a low-end medium and only for “geeks”, but now even the nicest guy around has some Marvel stuff. And we’re not just talking about movies, series or collectibles. Now, current owners Marvel and Disney are entering areas we never thought possible, such as the financial sector. Not only is it a brilliant strategy from a marketing perspective, but it speaks to the power of pop culture in every aspect of our lives.

On the other hand, although the focus is on Marvel heroes, we must not forget that Disney cards also offer other popular franchises such as Star Wars or children’s movie classics. The competition is tough. We have banks that offer discounts on gas or travel, but who else offers you to carry your favorite hero in your wallet when you get discounts on comics or streaming platforms? It’s a masterpiece that combines the best of two worlds: the fun of pop culture and the practical benefits of a credit card.

Be careful with old cards

A final note: getting one of these cards does not automatically cancel your previous Chase/Visa credit cards. If you want to delete the old one, you must ask specifically at the time of purchase or visit the Chase website.

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So now you know, if you are a fan of the Marvel Universe and want to put a nice touch on your wallet, this is your golden opportunity. Now more than ever, paying can be like a little epic adventure.