Star Wars will have its own Total War in development

star wars total war

Discover how the classic Total War: Renewal of the Pharaohs expands the universe with the Star Wars edition of Creative Summit.

In a universe where strategy and history are professionally intertwined, a creative meeting goes above and beyond the norm. Imagine fielding an army of Stormtroopers or commanding a fleet of X-Wings. This could be because reliable sources have revealed that a new Total War game set in the Star Wars universe is in development. This project promises to revolutionize the series, celebrated for its fascinating fusion between classical techniques and classic science fiction.

Historically, Creative Summit has captured the essence of different eras with its games, from ancient Egypt to faraway fantasy galaxies. The recently released Total War: Pharaoh, developed by Sophia Branch and published by Sega, took a more realistic approach. However, the news that the studio is now leaning into fantasy with George Lucas’ Galaxy Far, Far Away marks an exciting return to epic, adventurous narratives.

Star Wars Total War

A new dawn in total war

Of the three new Total War games, this Star Wars title is second on the list, suggesting a release schedule that could stretch into the coming years. It’s unclear which of the three titles will be the greatest, but anticipation is building among fans of both franchises.

Star Wars fans aren’t the only ones who have reason to celebrate. Creative Summit Sophia is not far behind in her commitment to promoting Total War: Pharaoh. The team’s latest blog shows plans for a free update that will significantly expand the campaign map and add new cultures and strategies. This update not only contains content, but also restructures the existing campaign mode, offering both innovations and the option to play the original campaign.

Exploring new horizons

The developer’s vision of integrating A Total War Saga: TROY into Pharaoh’s units reflects its commitment to continuous improvement and integration with the best of the titles. Meanwhile, the development of the Star Wars game remains shrouded in mystery and excitement, promising to take the strategy to stardom.

Star Wars Total War

What could the entry of Total War mean in the world of Star Wars? Strategy enthusiasts may be able to command the famous battles of Hoth or Endor, applying the careful planning and tactics that total warfare requires. This crossover between genres opens up endless possibilities for renewed gaming experiences and unprecedented challenges.

Perfect combination

The combination of Creative Assembly’s meticulous attention to detail and the rich lore of Star Wars has the potential to deliver a deep, immersive experience that can redefine strategy gaming. With each new piece of information that emerges, curiosity grows to see how this bold crossover between virtual and tactical reality will play out.

This new chapter is not only promising for fans of both franchises, but also poses an exciting challenge for the creative assembly: to exceed expectations and expand its legacy in the age of digital strategy.

Star Wars Total WarStar Wars Total War

The best Star Wars strategy games

Within the wider Star Wars universe, several strategy games have captured the essence of the franchise, giving fans the chance to immerse themselves in epic battles and make critical decisions that will change the fate of the galaxy. One of the most memorable is Star Wars: Empire at War, where players take control of both rebel forces and the Empire, managing resources, conquering planets, and deploying strategies on land and in space.

Another highlight is Star Wars: Galactic Battlefield, a game that uses the Age of Empires II engine to allow players to command troops from various factions, from Gungans to Wookiees, in battles ranging from fighting the Separatists to the rise of the Empire. These games are not only for strategic depth, but also for how they capture the spirit and complexity of the universe.