Star Wars The Mandalorian Review (Comic)

Star Wars The Mandalorian Review (cómic)

Planeta Comic brings us in comic form, the first installment of the series that revolutionized Star Wars, The Mandalorian.

When it was announced that Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni would be working on a Star Wars sequel where the main character could be a Mandalorian, fans were interested, but no one thought it would be a huge success. The Mandalorian has so far shown little interest in George Lucas’ saga to attract viewers, even managing to connect people who distanced themselves from the saga long ago. Its origin, quality and characters have managed to impress millions of people around the world and become part of popular culture. He is not only the star of the Star Wars series, but also of Disney+.

Planeta Comic has brought us many comics from the Star Wars movies, now to the series. He recently published the first chapter of The Mandalorian in a comic version and we will tell you a little bit about the comic from Lakasa de L.

This is the way.

A bounty hunter known as “The Mandalorian” accepts a mission to retrieve an item for a former Imperial agent. But when he learns that the package is a child (the show’s biggest star, Baby Yoda), “Mando” has doubts about following the Mandalorian code to hand over the child or protect it at all costs. . The decision he makes will have dire consequences for both him and his teammates, and will set off an entirely surprising set of moves in the Star Wars universe.

This volume compiles the first season of the series, the comic script is exactly the same as the program. Each chapter of a comic is an episode of a series. All this means is that we have a volume where we will have a main story mixed with the story of Mando and the kid with the autobiographical stories. Not much can be said about Rodney Barnes’ script, as he copied and pasted the series.

George Jeanty and Rachel Rosenberg lead the painting and coloring, doing somewhat informal work. Perhaps the most surprising thing is the faces of some of the characters, which are slightly different in different wits, making it look like they are different characters. This may take more than one reader to read. In addition, some faces do not match the characters in the series. Even in some of the wines, the faces seem unfinished. Removing this negative point, the rest of the visual quality is amazing. The action and environments are well developed.

Star Wars Edition The Mandalorian (Comic) by Planet Comic

Planeta publishes a standard format 16.8 x 25.7 cm hardcover without a dust jacket. A total of 272 full-color pages include the first chapter of the series, as well as covers and variants of each chapter. Although it should be emphasized that instead of having one alternate cover per page, it distributes up to four variations per page. The quantity retails for €24.00.

Star Wars The Mandalorian (comic) is a faithful recreation of the first successful series of the same name. The script is exactly the same so there shouldn’t be any surprises here. The picture is probably something that could be improved, especially the quality of the facial expressions, which are somewhat uneven between the different Wits. All that said, the comic will likely be enjoyed by fans of the series and Star Wars in general who want the show’s first season in a comic format that has revolutionized the franchise in recent years.

Star Wars The Mandalorian (comic)

Comic Planet, Comics Planet, Star Wars, The MandalorianComic Planet, Comics Planet, Star Wars, The Mandalorian

Author: Rodney Barnes Georges Jeanty Rachel Rosenberg | Carl Story | Dexter wine

Publisher: Planeta Comic

Format: Hardcover without dust jacket

Dimensions: 16.8 x 25.7 cm

Pages: 272 pages

Price: 24,00 €

Synopsis: Get ready for an epic adventure through the Star Wars universe with mercenaries, blobs, slimes and more. This is the way!

The bounty hunter agrees to track down his target for a mysterious ex-Imperial client who is paying Beskar for a rare metal prized by the Mandalorians. But when Dejarin finds his target – the green boy known as Boy – all hell breaks loose! Will Djarin give birth to his child following the Mandalorian code? And if you don’t, what will be the consequences?