Spider-Man Weaves the Web on YouTube: The Animated Series is now free.

marvel´s spider-man serie

Arachnid fans can relive the adventures and actions of Spider-Man on YouTube for free.

In a move that has surprised and delighted fans around the world, Marvel Entertainment has decided to bring the thrill of Spider-Man adventures straight to our screens for free. In an announcement made on the official website, it was revealed that the full episodes of Marvel’s Spider-Man, which originally aired on Disney XD, will be available on the Marvel HQ YouTube channel.

The initiative is part of the “Marvel’s Super Heroes Assemble” program, a year-long celebration of action-packed series, animated comics, short content, activities and exclusive product collaborations. But the fun doesn’t end with Spider-Man; The Avengers Assemble series will join the party on YouTube next month, continuing the trend of making popular stories accessible at no cost.

The Amazing Spider-Man series

Check out Spider-Man’s past

Created for television by Kevin Shinick, Marvel’s Spider-Man debuted on Disney XD in August 2017 with a series of introductory shorts. Over two seasons, 52 episodes have aired until December 2019, with Marvel’s Spider-Man: Maximum Venom, a shorter third season in 2020 consisting of six double-length episodes.

Acclaimed for its focus on the responsibilities that come with being Spider-Man, the series focuses not only on swinging between buildings and facing villains like the Vulture, Lizard, Doctor Octopus and Sandman, but also on personal problems. By Peter Parker. Spider-Man introduces audiences to a more human and vulnerable side of the hero while keeping his best friend Harry Osborn out of trouble while dealing with his job.

Robbie Daymond voices Peter Parker, Naji Jeter as Miles Morales, Laura Bailey as Gwen Stacy, and Fred Tatascior as Max Modell, among others. This lineup of talent helped bring to life the complex relationships and exciting performances that define the series.

The Amazing Spider-Man seriesThe Amazing Spider-Man series

Unlimited access to heroic adventures

Marvel’s announcement for the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man on YouTube is an open invitation to fans, old and new, to immerse themselves seamlessly in Spidey’s universe. By making episodes available for free, Marvel not only expands its audience but also strengthens its connection with its fans, providing valuable and accessible content that can be enjoyed from anywhere in the world.

In addition to enriching the content library at Marvel HQ, this Marvel effort promises to keep fans engaged every “Spider-Saturday” with regular installments. In a world where access to quality free entertainment is a luxury, Marvel positions itself as a leader.

The Amazing Spider-Man seriesThe Amazing Spider-Man series

Marvel’s Spider-Man is more than just an animated series on YouTube; It reminds us of the power of stories to bring people together, the importance of responsibility and, above all, that being a hero involves more than having superpowers. Now for the fun parts for you, this is your chance to live or relive the adventures of Spider-Man and his relentless fight for justice in New York City.

With this panorama, Marvel’s strategy not only honors one of its main characters, but also sets the precedent for future digital content. The presence of Marvel’s Spider-Man on YouTube is not only a win for fans, but also a testament to Marvel’s commitment to accessibility and innovation in entertainment. So, if you’re a fan of Spidey or just want a dose of action and adventure, head over to YouTube and get ready to be a part of the Marvel Universe in a whole new way.