1 Sniper Elite Resistance review

Sniper Elite Resistencia

Sniper Elite Resistencia is a comic published in Spain by cARTEm Cómics, based on the video game of the same name by Insurgency Developments, in which an allied sniper must take action in occupied France to carry out a dangerous mission behind enemy lines.

Published by cARTEm Comics under the title Sniper Elite Resistencia, the comic is scripted by Keith Richardson, with Patrick Goddard and colors by Quinton Winter; Based on the success of the Rebellion video game, where the player puts himself in the shoes of sniper Carl Fairburn, he has to complete several missions in this first-person shooter plot.

Second World War snipers

From 1939 to 1945, it was common practice in the European theaters for use by all armies involved in the conflict, and it is worth remembering Barry Pepper’s role in saving Private Ryan. In other contexts such as the Pacific Ocean, as well as Africa. Undoubtedly, the episode most forgotten by the general public is the fight between the Soviet patriot Vasily Zaytsev and the German general König.

In Jean-Jacques Annaud’s Enemy at the Gates (2001), Jude Law plays Vasily Zaytev, the “Russian Rabbit”—Zytesev is Russian for rabbit—and Ed Harris plays Erwin Koenig, the “super sniper” during the siege of Stalingrad. The first killed half a dozen enemies a day and the second demoralized the Russian siege, so both tried to find their enemy and destroy him.

Anyone who has followed Garth Ennis’ career will know how Soviet snipers had many women in their ranks, among them Ukrainian-born Lydmila Pavlichenko, who surpassed Vassily Zaytesev as one of the deadliest in the entire Red Army. This fighter applied the skills she acquired during her studies at the University of Kyiv in shooting sports on the battlefield.

In the Pacific, the use of these expert markers has been difficult due to the abundance of native fauna. There, the Japanese army was more effective, it caused a great moral failure among the Yankee soldiers, because their snipers were close to the North American ships – 50 meters – they were deadly, although they could be easily avoided, because they were not afraid. Dying – filling themselves kamikaze -.

Sniper Elite Resistance plot

In the CARTEm Comics volume, Sniper Elite Resistance, Associate Marksman Carl Fairburn must parachute behind enemy lines in France near the town of Angouleme to stop a dangerous weapons shipment. A weapon that threatens the Allied invasion of Europe against Nazi troops. As Carl von Clausewitz said, the first casualty of war is the plan, just like in this mission, everything is wrong from the start.

Once in the area, Fairburn discovers that the situation is far more complex and dangerous than intelligence analysts predicted, making it a life-or-death mission. The allies he is supposed to meet are allied with the Nazi occupation forces, and Fairburn must suddenly adapt to the new parameters of the mission.

From the moment Fairburn begins his mission, his past appears to further compound his already troubled situation, and he seeks new allies to complete the mission given to him by London and close the mission. deep into it.

Cartem Comics, World War II

A difficult mission in an impossible situation

Sniper Elite Resistance offers the reader pure action at the beginning of the Second World War, the action takes place in 1941, from the first pages of sudden strength, armed conflicts, betrayals and deceptions, the hero, the only absolute protagonist, seems to be alone in the face of danger, like a dark western.

Keith Richardson’s script in Sniper Elite Resistance is the first full-length story for the Ninth Artist, following a brutal journey from the beginning, from the relative calm of the British Isles to the French invasion zone. Along with this, the author shows some small flashbacks to establish the mission and present the origin of Fairburn to the reader.

Although it is not a very complex story, it is well developed and focused on the purpose of the comic, which is a war action story with a fast-paced plot of Sniper Elite video games, in moments of high tension, where the plot puts the character on the edge of the cliff. It is clear that this is not a typical war story, but it will satisfy comic readers, as it does with those who have played the video game, Garth Ennis has a halo.

Cartem Comics, World War II

In the year This fact can be further seen in the sketches presented as extras in the cARTEm Comics edition of his work. Both the characters and the vignette backgrounds are well represented, including a panoply of rulers and allies, as well as opposition.

As an artist, Goddard is supported by the work of the immeasurably colorful Quinton Winter, who was nominated for an Eisner Award for his work on Vertigo Comics’ Clean Room. The color palette used shows the darkness of the night conflict, which is suddenly broken by explosions and gunfire, creating a Dantesque atmosphere typical of war, while the brightness of the day makes the protagonist a walking target. .

In short, Sniper Elite Resistencia is a good adaptation of the electronic game, with a simple plot but captivating the reader, a great work by the artist team, which cARTEm Comics published in a cartoon volume, 96 pages, with some parameters. 16.8 x 26 cm. The Spanish translation was done by Victor García de Esusi, and many pages were added to the original sketches and covers.

Cartem Comics, World War II

Sniper Elite resistance

Special Operations Directorate sniper Carl Fairburn must parachute into occupied France on a mission to destroy a secret weapon. However, instead of a simple sabotage mission, it turns out that the local resistance is in shambles and that the SS are waiting…

The famous sniper faced the SS: Carl Fairburn in the face of death

Renowned sniper Carl Fairburn, a member of the notorious Special Operations Directorate, is set to undertake a dangerous mission in occupied French territory. Their main objective: to remove a secret weapon that could change the course of the war. However, what initially seems like a normal sabotage mission turns into a challenging and complex situation.

Parachuting into occupied France, Fairburn quickly realized that the local resistance was desperate. Instead of finding a team ready to cooperate, he encounters an underground movement that is fighting for survival and on the brink of defeat. Lack of resources, insecurity and constant harassment by the occupying forces weakened the resistance.

To make matters worse, the dreaded SS, the pinnacle of the German army, were waiting for Fairburn and knew his intentions. The enemy is alert and ready to do whatever it takes to thwart your mission. He faces a bleak outlook and a race against time to complete his mission and escape with his life.

Fairburn faced an unprecedented challenge. In addition to his special sniper skills, he must use all his strategic and leadership skills to restore the hope of the existing local resistance. He must win the trust of the most prominent members of the movement, unite his scattered forces, and carefully plan his actions.

As the story progresses, Carl Fairburn becomes a symbol of resistance and hope for the inhabitants of occupied France. Their bravery and skill inspire others to join the struggle and believe in the possibility of change. With each step, he gets closer to his goal as he faces countless challenges and confronts dangerous SS agents.

The road to success will be full of challenges and sacrifices, but Carl Fairburn is determined to accomplish his mission. The fate of the Resistance and the freedom of France are in your hands, and only your wits, courage and lethal skills can overcome the obstacles and ensure victory.

In Sniper Elite Resistance, an epic tale of bravery, honor and the fight for freedom, Carl Fairburn rises as a true hero, a symbol of resistance and an example of determination in dark times. His dedication and sacrifice embody the true essence of a legendary sniper and an indomitable leader in the war against oppression.