Scarlet Witch unexpectedly returns to Marvel Studios

Bruja Escarlata

Scarlet Witch is going to change the reality of another universe in the next Marvel Studios series.

Immortality seems to be an unwritten rule in the Marvel Universe, and Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff is no exception. After the death seen in “Doctor Strange’s multiverse”, fans were left in doubt, will he return? The answer seems to lean towards a yes.

Return of the Scarlet Witch?

A major part of this mystery is the “what if…?” It is the second chapter. Here, Marvel hints that the Scarlet Witch hasn’t had her last word yet. Voiced by Elizabeth Olsen, a new variant of Wanda appears, opening the door to countless possibilities. This animated version could be a precursor to a much bigger and more realistic return.

The Scarlet Witch is a character shrouded in power and mystery. As revealed by Agatha Harkness, his ability to surpass the reigning Witch Supreme speaks of a greater and perhaps more sinister destiny. But is it his destiny to destroy the world?

Marvel has taught us time and time again that death is not always the end. Characters like Phil Coulson and Loki have found a way to come back after they died due to magic or time travel. So why not the wizard? The fact that we didn’t see his body in “Doctor Strange in the Insanity” only fueled theories about his possible return. But is it in animation or in the flesh?

Scarlet Witch in “What if…?”

In “What if…?” In, any character, at any point in the MCU timeline, can star in an episode. This includes dead characters like Tchaka or Thanos, and of course Wanda. These episodes, set in alternate universes, allow Marvel to explore character variations without interfering with the main timeline.

Scarlet Witch

The new Scarlet Witch in “What if…?” It opens up various options. Will he be a main character in the upcoming seasons? Are you involved in an animated crossover? The answer may lie in integrating this variation into the MCU universe.

The future of Wanda Maximoff

Even if Elizabeth Olsen is satisfied with her portrayal of the Scarlet Witch, Marvel is free to bring the character back whenever they want. Although Olsen will no longer play her in live-action, she may continue to lend her voice to animated MCU titles. With the Darkhold and her own magical powers, Wanda’s resurrection doesn’t seem like such a difficult task. Whether the character is a hero or a villain, she may return to fulfill her prophecy in the vast and ever-changing Marvel Universe.

The current status of Scarlet Witch in the MCU is a mystery that keeps fans guessing. Wanda Maximoff’s death seemed final after the events of “Doctor Strange in Madness,” but Marvel isn’t closing the door on another cliffhanger. In the second season of “What if…?”, the opportunity to explore new aspects of Wanda becomes more realistic.

Elizabeth Olsen - Scarlet Witch

These variants not only offer a new perspective on the character, but also raise questions about his destiny and the nature of his powers. The ambiguity of her ending in the film has kept the interest in her narrative arc alive as she waits for concepts and how and when Marvel decides to bring her back.

In “What if…?” Among the most intriguing versions of the Scarlet Witch in existence. There is a zombie version. This iteration of the character takes a dark and dramatic turn, showing what happens when Wanda’s superpowers combine with a zombie infection. These illustrations not only add depth to the character, but also expand the stories that can be told in the MCU. In “What if…?” Through, Marvel explores limitless possibilities by allowing fans to see their favorite characters in completely new and surprising ways. These variants, including zombies, highlight the MCU’s narrative flexibility and its ability to continually reinvent its characters.