Home Cinema Rumors of a new Batman have been denied by James Gunn

Rumors of a new Batman have been denied by James Gunn

Rumors of a new Batman have been denied by James Gunn

Expectations to learn more about Batman and the new DCU are leading to theorizing about possible actors arriving in James Gunn’s new universe.

In the vast spectrum of geek entertainment, few news generate as much excitement as announcements related to the DC Cinematic Universe (DCU). Recently, DC Studios co-president and director of Superman: Legacy, James Gunn, became the center of attention for sharing details about the future of the universe, sparking rumors and speculation among fans. But is Batman the next superhero to step into the DCU casting spotlight? The answer, straight from the source, may surprise you.

The future of DC cinema, according to Gunn

In a world where social media is the main communication platform between creators and fans, James Gunn never stops taking the opportunity to let his audience know about his upcoming DCU projects. Recently, he revealed that apart from Superman: Legacy and Creation Commando, two other projects will begin production soon. With Superman: Legacy scheduled for release on July 11, 2025 and Creation Commandos in late 2024, fans are left wondering what to expect next.

DCU, James Gunn

The recent confirmation of Supergirl in Supergirl: The Girl of Tomorrow has led fans to believe that this will be the next film to go into production. However, curiosity is growing around another great DC pillar and the next project mentioned after Superman: Legacy. Could it be Batman’s turn? The answer, as always, came through the director’s social networks, where he responded to the doubts and curiosity of his increasingly restless followers.

Rumor debunking: The truth about Batman in the DCU

The prospect of seeing two Batmans on the big screen at the same time has been hotly debated, especially since The Brave and the Bold’s Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Trilogy may not have to wait until it’s already over, he said. A lot remains. The announcement fanned the flames of speculation, with social media influencer Charles Murphy suggesting that picking up Batman would be the next step for the DCU. However, Gunu has come forward to clarify these rumours.

Alan RichsonAlan Richson

Contrary to expectations, he dismissed the idea that Gunn’s take on Batman was too soon. In a live clarification, he ended the speculation by stating that there is no script yet for the said project, saying, “I don’t know where this came from, but it’s completely false.”

El encanto de Damian Wayne and The Brave and the Bold

Despite the rumors, the truth is that Gunn’s excitement is for Brave and the Bold, a film that introduces the DCU’s Batman in the story of Damian Wayne, Batman’s son. Raised as an assassin, this character promises to bring a new dynamic to the already complex Gotham universe. Based on the comic series by Grant Morrison, this work is one of Gunn’s favorites and is shaping up to be an exciting project for the DCU in the future.


Gunn’s explanation reminds us of the importance of patience and precision in the world of entertainment. In the meantime, fans can imagine and dream about what the future of DC Studio will prepare, each project, caped or not, promises to expand this universe in an unexpected and exciting way.