Home Comics Roxxon revolutionizes the world of comics with the new Thor.

Roxxon revolutionizes the world of comics with the new Thor.

Roxxon revolutionizes the world of comics with the new Thor.

The evil company Roxxon took over Marvel and reimagined the God of Thunder

When a corporation takes on comic book heroes, the results can be incredibly interesting. Imagine a world where Marvel’s famous energy corporation, Roxxon, controls one of the most popular franchises. It’s this fact that “Roxxon Presents: Thor #1” offers a meta and daring twist on the Thor universe.

Thor the Immortal, Marvel Comics, Roxxon, Thor

Rise of the corporate god

The comic book world has just been rocked: Roxxon has acquired Marvel, or at least that’s what “Roxxon Presents: Thor #1” wants us to believe. This special issue is an extension of Al Ewing’s “Immortal Thor” where we see the god of thunder now as “Roxxin’ Thor” a reimagined commercial hero who is worth corporate interests and people tooth and nail. shareholders. This version of Thor is a durable fighter, but always on Roxxon’s terms.

The irony and dark humor is palpable in the words of Al Ewing, who was forced to declare that Roxanne’s takeover of Marvel was “what comics needed.” This statement, full of irony, shows the conflict between artistic integrity and corporate interests. The result is a work that Ewing described as “good family happiness”, although between the lines you can see his true feelings about this radical change.

The effect on the God of Thunder series

Not everything is a game in this new Odison universe. In Immortal Series #9, also by Ewing, accompanied by art from Abraham Roberson, the plot thickens. Thor heads to Roxxon headquarters not to join them, but to start a war to defend Earth. In this story, Thor’s enemies seek to steal the only thing that belongs to him, using the worst weapons.

Thor the Immortal, Marvel Comics, Roxxon, ThorThor the Immortal, Marvel Comics, Roxxon, Thor

“Roxxin Thor” introduces himself as Chad Hammer, an artificial intelligence guru and passionate advocate for entrepreneurship. This issue promises to pit Thor against extreme environmentalists, questioning the wisdom and ethics behind their actions. This comic is part of the “Absolutely Absolute Perfect” phenomenon, including characters like the Minotaur, the Executor and the Teacher, in addition to the awesome “Thor-Trak”.

From Norse God to Corporate Icon

On closer inspection, Odinson’s transformation is not merely a change of dress or allegiance. It’s a complete rethinking of a character that’s been a staple in the Marvel universe for decades. First, Thor, based on Norse mythology, is a powerful and complex being with a history of heroism, sacrifice, and fighting evil. This new version of Roxxon will mark corporate interests, perhaps losing some of its mythology in the process.

When we compare this new iteration to other versions of Thor, such as those seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we can see a significant contrast. While on film Thor is a hero who changes with his mistakes and triumphs, “Roxxin’ Thor” seems to overturn fans’ expectations. This bold move in the comics begs the question: How will fans react to such a different God of Thunder?

Thor the Immortal, Marvel Comics, Roxxon, ThorThor the Immortal, Marvel Comics, Roxxon, Thor

An unexpected plot twist

The evil company’s takeover of Marvel is not an isolated event in the narrative. A spin-off from Ewing’s Immortal series, Roxxon CEO Dario Agger, also known as Minotaur, controls the public’s perception of the hero and drives a plan to take down Thor. The company wants to portray Odinson as a jester, redefining his image in a comedy series.

With Roxxon’s direction, Marvel fans will see a version of Thor that retains his strength and ability to take on one-dimensional villains. Roxxon Presents: Thor #1″ goes on sale April 17th, marking a new chapter in the God of Thunder’s story.