Rob Liefeld talks about the easter eggs in the new Deadpool and Wolverine trailer

Rob Liefeld

Rob Liefeld had very positive comments about the film’s various jokes in the latest Deadpool and Wolverine trailer.

In the vast Marvel Universe, where superheroes and epic adventures are bound together in hilarious comics, the latest installment in the Deadpool saga is no different. The new movie “Deadpool & Wolverine” has generated a lot of talk, especially with the inclusion of a joke that referenced Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld. But what does Liefeld say about this special tax?

Rob Liefeld and his special relationship with feet in comics

In the new trailer, Deadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds) and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) wander through a desolate town, with a shop with a sign reading “Liefeld’s Fair Feet” in the background. This detail didn’t go unnoticed by fans, who quickly picked up on Liefeld’s recurring joke about his ability to draw legs, or rather his tendency to avoid them in his illustrations.

This isn’t the first time the Deadpool movies have poked fun at this topic. In Deadpool 2, Deadpool mocks Domino’s (played by Zazy Beetz) transfiguration abilities, suggesting that Chance does not look like a true superhero and was probably created by “someone who can’t draw legs”. Lield confirmed his approval of this joke a year before it went public, demonstrating his willingness to laugh at himself.

The impact of Deadpool and Wolverine on the Marvel landscape

Deadpool & Wolverine promises to be a visual and narrative adventure for fans of these iconic characters, but it also marks the return of iconic Marvel figures. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have retired from superheroes to reincarnate their iconic characters, while Jennifer Garner returns to the fold as Elektra.

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The film features the return of actors like Leslie Ughams, Morena Baccarin and Stefan Kapsic, among others, and welcomes new faces from the Marvel Universe like Emma Corrin and Matthew Macfadyen. Directed by Sean Levy, known for his work on Free Guy and The Adam Project, and with a script that promises to be just as exciting as its predecessors, the film hits the big stage.

Fans get ready for an amazing show.

Anticipation is high among Marvel fans who are hoping to see how Deadpool and Wolverine will interact in their first movie together. This combination promises explosive action and sharp dialogue, but also the relationship between these two characters is deep, despite their obvious differences, they have a lot in common, such as their tendency to sarcasm and the ability to survive against all odds. Known for breaking the fourth wall, Deadpool and Wolverine are sure to deliver an epic dynamic full of memorable moments with his character growl and lone wolf character.

Furthermore, this meeting is important not only for its content but also for what it represents in terms of the cinematographic evolution of the characters. Both Deadpool and Wolverine have undergone significant changes since their debut. Their stories have been adapted and recreated many times, offering new complexity and freshness to fans. This new installment is further proof of Marvel’s ability to keep its characters alive and relevant, keeping up with the times and the expectations of its audience.

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The importance of Liefeld approval

Liefeld’s support reflects not only an interesting story, but the close collaboration and respect between the creators and adaptors of these stories. In the year In a 2018 interview, Liefeld shared how Reynolds personally advised him about the joke’s inclusion: “Ryan called me and said, ‘Rob, we have this joke, I want to ask you. Please tell me what you think’ and I said, ‘Ryan, I absolutely love it.’

These types of interactions highlight the importance of maintaining a cohesive relationship between the creators of the main characters and the teams responsible for bringing these images to the big screen. Additionally, it highlights how humor is an integral part not only in the Deadpool movies, but also in the production culture behind them.