Review of The Flintstones

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Mark Russell and Steve Pugh go to Piedradura to critically examine the current society through the eyes of characters who are supposed to be bucolic and innocent like the Flintstones in a volume published by ECC Ediciones.

It’s one of the most unexpectedly successful comics of recent years, and few people would have thought that the Flintstones series was just a quarter-pound product that did the right thing and took advantage of nostalgic readers to make a few bucks. from profit. Against all odds, the then-unknown Mark Russell put this title in the spotlight thanks to his unique and brilliant approach to these characters, and now thanks to ECC Editions, we have access to the entire series.

The new vision of Hanna-Barbera

The animation studio Hanna-Barbera (not a woman’s name, but the names of William Hanna and Joseph Barbara) is responsible for creating a number of iconic cartoon series, particularly in the sixties and seventies. . The Jetsons, The Yogi Bear Show, Mr. Cat, Gorilla Maguilla, Johnny Quest, Crazy Cars, Scooby-doo, Hong Kong Foy and, of course, The Flintstones are just a few of the classics that informed their childhood. Generation

Although the series is aimed at a children’s audience, some of them have shown some impressive adult episodes considering the time of the broadcast. Perhaps it’s the approach screenwriter Mark Russell took to this series when he was tasked with bringing these characters into the world of comics, but considering that the sixties adult approach had nothing to do with the pits. 21st century.

Far from being content to do something fun with the IP they let Russell play with, he chose to use these outdated concepts to create social satire. It’s common to see the flaws of our time reflected in futuristic works of science fiction, but this time we see them in a creative reality thousands (millions?) of years from now…

DC, DC Comics, ECC Editions, The Flintstones, Mark RussellDC, DC Comics, ECC Editions, The Flintstones, Mark Russell

Annoying reflection

The environment the screenwriter manages in The Flintstones is ideal for this purpose, as it lacks all the frills and has only the basics, characters with completely accurate characteristics and timelessness that develop the stories he wants to tell. . And all this without forgetting the great humor of the series of paintings in which modern civilization was made to fit in with the previous world where humans and dinosaurs coexisted peacefully.

The meaninglessness of war, savage consumerism, the absence of logic in religion or the complexities and absurdities of social conventions are some of the themes that Russell portrays in simple adventures. And, without a doubt, any reader can’t help but reflect and laugh at himself at some point. Because that’s what this comic is about, learning to enjoy our own inconsistencies. Russell is not responsible for giving moral lessons or offering solutions to problems, he puts them at the forefront so that we all know them and have space for reflection.

However, as much as this comic makes us laugh, it is this lack of solutions that gives the work a certain depressing and hopeless character. At a certain point, the reader realizes that what is being told here seems to be the story of a society doomed to failure through the eternal repetition of the same mistakes. Not for nothing, some of the funniest moments can leave more than one with a frozen smile.

The FlintstonesThe Flintstones

Colorful creation

The great Steve Pugh approved it with flying colors when it came to transferring all this imagery into vignettes in the graphics department (completed by the legendary Rick Leonardi version). In his pencils, the characters are expressive, the environments are suitable for each situation, and the madness of creation is very interesting. Whether we’re talking about costumes, settings, or prehistoric creatures, be it transportation vehicles or furniture, Pugh manages to provide this miniature universe with all the prehistoric fantasy it needs.

In short, The Flintstones is one of those comics that should be read in high schools. Russell’s genius here places him in a place of honor among today’s screenwriters. Very little ambition and against all logic, this series is a classic that has not been envied by any other work in the media since its publication. It’s a definite must-have, to top it off, this issue includes an exciting crossover with DC Universe hero Buster Gold from the distant future facing off against distant history.

This volume is presented in hardcover, 368 color pages and twelve issues of the American edition of the limited series The Flintstones and a special booster Gold/The Flintstones, as well as the covers of the included issues and a good section of extras. It has a recommended retail price of €43.50 and goes on sale in February 2024.

Mark Russell of the FlintstonesMark Russell of the Flintstones

The Flintstones

In the city of Piedradura, Pedro and Vilma Flintstone, their daughter Pebbles, their neighbors Marmol and their friends, colleagues and dino-gadgets star in exciting adventures set in the Stone Age, a reflection of our time, so confusing and fascinating as well as alienating.

This contemporary Hanna-Barbera animated series is a hilarious take on issues such as consumerism, religion, politics and interpersonal relationships. Mark Russell and Steve Pugh turned the original cartoon family into the characters of today’s comic masterpiece.

With the short films in this volume, they’ve built a fantastic comedy that’s wowed critics, earned 2018 Eisner Award nominations for Best Limited Series, Best Comic Book and Best Screenwriter, and appeared on the Essential 2018 List from AcidComic.

Autores: Mark Russell, Rick Leonardi, Chris Chuckry and Steve Pugh