Review of the Fall of the X Dynasty – Volume 001

caida dinastia de x 1

With events such as Fall of Dynasty and Ascension of Powers of X on the horizon, this new story will be even more important if possible. Krakow lost. Orchis is claiming the prize and no one seems to be stopping him. The Miracle of Krakow will not save anyone.

The fall of the X dynasty begins with the trial of Cyclops

Coming back from the dead was easy in Krakow’s time. With Nimrod and Omega Sentinel behind Orchis’ plans, only the X-Men can put themselves between the mutant hunters and Orchis himself. Resurrecting Magneto seems to be the only option to carry out the mission that could destroy the known world by lifting Magneto. And this is where the story of the fall of the X Dynasty begins.

Scott is tied to a horse, old west style, dragging it through the desert and on the way to Timeiy, he pulls it into an angry town. He doesn’t know what he’s done, so he doesn’t know the situation. Despite the attempt, everything is already decided and Scott is guessing what will happen next. But the rope does not give, and Scott does not fall. A well-known redhead in the crowd saves his life.

They are remnants of a past that haunts the former leader of the X-Men. You must play together to give yourself time to counterattack during testing. The entire audience is anti-mutant, and that’s something Scott can’t control. And it all starts here.

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Jerry Duggan’s script and Lucas Werneck’s art lead the reader through a hopeless story.

Swallowed by years of oppression and intolerance, the mutant species have established their own nation, the living island of Krakow. Unfortunately, in response to this, the anti-mutant organization Orchis mobilizes its agents to infiltrate human society without authority. Now, with the public fearing mutants more than ever, this comical Cyclops is set to respond to what he calls crimes against humanity.

A story with a deep and dark script, the hopelessness of the protagonists makes the reader wonder. Without much of the story being revealed, one is treated to a story of fear, anti-mutant power and the X-men who never give up. Many characters come together in a story where all of humanity’s enemies are ready to attack, an anti-mutant experiment that turns the spotlight.

Polaris, Nido, and Sapincia are some of the threats to humanity that are determined to blame the hunters for their current situation. The threat is real, Orchis wants to destroy Krakoa and destroy the mutants who won’t leave planet Earth in peace. In this case, this first voice is modified to make you want it more, the presence of the message room in the entire planet, confirming the resistance of the mutation. But this is already part two of the form, which you have covered below.

The fall of the X dynastyThe fall of the X dynasty

In short, the inevitable fall of the X Dynasty is a new obstacle to species coexistence, a reality that the X Patrol faces with little to no hope.