Review of old expectations

Revisión de viejas expectativas

ECC Ediciones publishes a comic of old prospects that every football lover should have

No one denies that football is the world’s star sport. Even if it doesn’t work in practice, there are people who live for it, they don’t just watch the game, they know the life of the players, the signings and movements of the market and all the meetings of football. For many, football is more than a sport, it’s a way of life.

Soccer is no stranger to the comic world, as many fondly remember the soon-to-be-ending Oliver & Benji (Champions Latin America) manga and anime. More recently we have the Blue Lock phenomenon which has put the sport back on top of the manga. ECC Ediciones did not miss the chance to do something small in the combination of football and comics and published Viejos Prospects, a comic written by Alvaro Velasco and Inaki San Roman, creators of the podcast package and featuring the talented Pedro Rodriguez as cartoonist.

90’s football with 2024

Benny Castanero is a representative of soccer players who in the 90s, when he was very active, came close to success when he met Rafael “Fali” Fernandez, who was destined to succeed in the beautiful sport. But a serious injury kept Fally from reaching the stars and kept Benny from giving his career a critical push. Now in the year In 2024, with his representative career on the wane, his personal life in dire straits and financial problems, Benny finds a new opportunity to enter football again through the front door.

When Velasco and San Roman first started in the world of comedy, they could have Romanized the world of football. They could tell him about good things about football representatives, about ongoing trips, meetings and meals with people from high football positions… His wife and daughter have a big place in the story.

The writers do a great job of telling an interesting story as well as the dialogue in a completely natural manner. Even with the drama described above, this is a very funny job, and Benny, despite the crack in his work, is a man on the anchor in the 90s, but he creates more than one conflict with the little one. and current technologies. The moment they meet the PSG players in a Paris night club is a series of gags that many can’t stop laughing at.

A very strong script with a very entertaining story but room for insight. If you are passionate about football, this is a highly recommended comic as it is full of characters from the 90s and 2024. Also, it’s useful to see how football has changed in 30 years or so. They have not changed.

The figurehead, Pedro Rodríguez, is a clear influence from Franco-Belgian comics. It’s a good, fun picture that will appeal to both veterans and people encouraged to read the comic because of their passion for football. The comedian has many familiar faces in the world of football since the 90s and today they are drawn so well, it is easy to recognize them, which shows the great work of Rodriguez. We said this was a very funny joke as the credit section goes to the picture, which made for a few sight gags. A very strong work that shows the great talent of the Sevillian cartoonist.

Edition of Old Hopes by ECC Ediciones

ECC publishes this comic in a fine edition. A hardcover European format comic, with good quality paper. 21.4 x 28.7 cm size with 96 color pages. The volume is now on sale for €22.00.

Old Hopes is a highly entertaining comedy that will delight any football fan, but not just anyone who loves the beautiful game. A very entertaining and entertaining story, with lots of funny jokes, but also for introspection. Apart from a good script, we have a well-drawn comic that will delight everyone involved.

Old promises

Authors: Iñaki San Roman | Alvaro Velasco | Pedro Rodriguez

Publisher: ECC Editions

Format: Hardcover

Dimensions: 21.4 x 28.7 cm

Pages: 96 in color

ISBN: 978-84-10134-40-9

Price: 22,00 €

Summary: Benny Castanera’s life is characterized by bitterness and stubbornness. A representative of football players was about to taste the honey of success in the 90s, known as Rafael Fernandez Fali: a young man called to succeed in the beautiful sport. But a serious injury derailed his dream… and gave Benny the perfect shot at launching his career. Three decades later, with an increasingly sophisticated professional profile, his personal life deteriorates and problems make ends meet, perhaps a long-awaited second chance.

After writing The Packages Album inspired by the popular podcast, Álvaro Velasco and Inaki San Roman made their debut in the world of comics, forming a creative team with cartoonist Pedro Rodríguez. In Old Hopes, they once again show their passion for the world of football, creating a heartwarming story about dashed dreams, friendship and perseverance.

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