Review of Marvel Now! Deluxe Infinity Wars

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Infinity Wars will have a deluxe edition published by Panini Comics in the Marvel Deluxe line, along with its main competitors Starlord, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange and Loki.

For years, what happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, for better or worse, had a direct impact on what happened in the House of Ideas comics. A single film release is enough for a character to reboot a series, and when an important event is adapted to live-action footage, it’s echoed in vignettes in the form of a sequel or reboot. That’s what happened with the movie Avengers: Infinity War and in our current volume for Panini Comics, Marvel Now! Deluxe Infinity Wars.

Blessed Infinity Gems

The Infinity Stones (or Stones, depending on who you ask) have been a fundamental part of the backbone of the Marvel Universe (especially the space scene) for decades, even forming the basis of the first three phases of UCM. .

The great story of these stones was told some time ago by Jim Starlin, and we think that this comic is more of a spiritual successor than anything else, without trying to reach the importance or excellence of its predecessor. . Also, after Jonathan Hickman’s time with The Avengers and Secret Wars, the approach is very interesting considering that we find ourselves in a new universe that is different from everything we’ve known before.

The stones are now in the hands of a diverse group of characters led by Doctor Strange and known as the Infinity Guard, among whose members we find Starlord, Adam Warlock, Black Widow or Turk. As they wonder what to do with the stones, conflict arises when a new character named Requiem arrives. Infinity Wars begins.

Infinity Wars

Payment for those who are going to merge

Requiem’s ​​approach couldn’t be more brutal. In any prison genre movie, the first thing you always have to do to be the alpha male in the dungeon is find and beat up the toughest guy there, and that’s what Requiem does as soon as he arrives: take out Thanos, they say. . The impact of this death is very subdued because no one would believe that a character in this pack could be removed in such a hazy way for more than a few months, but there it is…

The identity hidden behind Ricky’s mask may come as a surprise to the casual reader who hasn’t followed the events of some Marvel Comics over the years, but of course the faithful reader can smell it almost from the beginning. But this revelation is overshadowed by the epic action that takes up the first half of this story, telling how Requiem struggles to capture the stones.

From a certain point, the plot turns to a weird and wonderful side where we get a kind of modern version of Amalgam Universe filled with different combinations of familiar characters. In this part of the story, Loki’s character is prominent, very consistent, albeit unwittingly, with what we find in the Disney+ series False God.

Infinity Wars

Fireworks and Mike Deodato Jr.

Screenwriter Gerry Duggan manages to build a very interesting plot full of fast pace and fireworks. On the negative side, since some time the events seem to be very rushed, it seems necessary to include some more numbers to strengthen the plot.

It’s also true that this volume only covers the central event, forgetting about the earlier issues and perhaps some additional issues that could have given more context to the story.

The graphics department is a small area to criticize this volume. Mike Deodato Jr. is responsible for the entire visual department. Work is flawless. He is capable of creating action-packed pages and has mastered the art of rendering dialogue in an artistically appealing way, even if the action is rendered perfectly. It’s been around for several years now and it’s amazing when used properly.

In short, this story will not bore anyone. From beginning to end, Dugan keeps the reader on the train and makes no stops until the end of the journey. However, it’s true that when you get there, it may not be as satisfying as one might think from an event with an evocative title.

Published by Panini Comics in hardcover, the volume contains 328 color pages measuring 17 x 26 cm. And the US edition includes translations of Infinity Wars: Prime, all six issues of Infinity Wars, Infinity Wars: Fallen Guardian, Infinity Wars: Infinity and material from Thanos Legacy, plus covers of all included issues, an introduction under the title War for the Infinity Gems written by Ivan Noda Diaz and extensive It’s an extra room. It has a recommended retail price of €42 and goes on sale in August 2023.

Endless battles

Marvel Deluxe. Infinity Wars

For many months, the Infinity Stones passed from one hand to another. Now, they’re at the helm of the most epic race the Marvel Universe has ever known.

A war broke out for control. None of them now know the true extent of their power. The nature of the universe hangs in the balance.

Authors: Andy McDonald, Mike Deodato Jr., Corey Smith, Gerry Duggan, Mark Bagley, Andrew Hennessy, Frank Martin, Chris O’Halloran and Ruth Redmond.