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Review of La Bibliomola de Córdoba

Review of La Bibliomola de Córdoba

Norma Editorial La Bibliomola de Córdoba, a comic about the importance of culture in a time of despair, published the work of Wilfrid Lupano and Leonard Cheminé.

There are superhero comics, there are comic comics, there are mystery comics, there are horror comics and there are historical comics like La Bibliomola de Córdoba. Norma Editorial, where you can find very few works of this type in this catalog, is now publishing this title, which can also be used for folk songs.

Historical context

At the end of the 10th century, it was located in the Caliphate of Córdoba, and over the years it was transformed into a cultural, scientific, artistic and political temple. It was taken and was a city that rivaled others like Byzantium or Baghdad.

After the dubious death of al-Hakan II, his son Hisham II became the sole heir at the age of eleven. This situation, this imaginary power vacuum, becomes the leader of the shadow, led by his teacher Almanzor. Such boldness would not be possible without the support of religious fanatics who have been humiliated for years by a lifestyle centered on art, philosophy, science and the pursuit of peace and spiritual wealth.

The thirst for revenge is strong, and is carried out in many ways, including a project to burn the entire contents of the Great Library of Córdoba, which contained nearly half a million books.

A mule carrying knowledge

From this starting point, we propose, the manager of the library knows what will happen and will soon think of the best way to save as much knowledge as possible. Alongside him will be Lubna, a copyist serving as a publishing house not yet established internationally (but more or less), and Marwan, Tarid’s former apprentice. Andalusia Han Solo

Lubna steals the honey mule with the intention of carrying all the books she saves from burning on her back. All three of them risk their lives to embark on this journey, bringing their separate positions together for this noble cause.

If we talk about the creators of ancient Rome or the creators of ancient Rome, we can understand these four main characters (the three men and the mule) as an example of all those who gave their lives to the development and expansion of knowledge, art and science. Scientific celebrities in the age of YouTube. Without a path, without selfishness, with no guarantee of a good end and no earthly reward, this is how culture has been able to progress through the centuries, facing enemies such as religious fanaticism or reactionary ignorance. .

Looking at Cordoba from France

Frenchman Wilfried Lupano is responsible for such works as The Wolf in Underpants, The Old Ovens and White Around. History shows the level of commitment and documentation Lupano achieved with her, a quality that should be attributed to her countryman, Leonard Chemineau.

Responsible for titles such as The Friends of Pancho Villa, Julio Popper or Jacob’s Night Worker, this cartoonist, trained in engineering and specialized in environmental protection and sustainable development, is an amazing and talented illustrator. The friendly writing with clear lines gives the work a certain sense of fun, which reduces the seriousness that the story can take, which is emphasized by the comic opportunities of Tarid, sometimes with slaps or romantic comedy scenes with his traveling companions.

This edition by Norma Editorial is a hardcover with a page size of 20.5 x 27.5 cm without a dust jacket. The care with which it was edited is appreciated by the quality of the paper and the decorative details, turning it into a small treasure. The volume contains 264 color pages. It has a recommended retail price of €45 and goes on sale in October 2023.

Córdoba Bibiomula

An unforgettable comic about the cultural relevance of Barbarian Times

Late 10th century. The death of al-Hakan II left the caliphate of Córdoba in the hands of the eleven-year-old Hisham II. His guardian Almanzor takes advantage of the situation and reigns in his name. Among the relics, the burning of thousands of volumes in the Library of Cordoba stands out. Led by a thief and two slaves on the back of a mule, only a few survive.

Screenwriter Wilfrid Lupano (The Old Ovens) and cartoonist Leonard Chemineau pen a love letter of enlightenment, tolerance, and cultural discovery in this epic album.

Gold finish, colored edges and bookmark ribbon

Author: Wilfrid Lupano and Léonard Chemineau