Review of Justice League: Darkseid’s War (Greatest DC Graphic Novels)

Revisión de Justice League: Darkseid's War (las mejores novelas gráficas de DC)

Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok have signed on as Darkseid’s War, a major superhero comic published by ECC Ediciones in their great graphic novel line.

The New 52 season in DC Comics doesn’t have the best reputation, but it had really impressive levels. You can talk about Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman, Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang’s Wonder Woman, and you can talk about Jeff Johns and Jason Fabok’s Justice League. Now, thanks to ECC Ediciones, we can enjoy in full measure the event that closed that stage in the line of great graphic novels: The War of Darkseid.

Darkseid, DC Comics, ECC Editions


He may not reach the popularity of other DC Universe villains like The Joker (or even The Batman Who Laughs). But Darkseid is the most formidable foe Earth’s heroes can face.

In the year First appearing in 1970’s Superman Pal Jimmy Olsen issue #134 by Jack Kirby, this oppressive Apokolips tyrant was intent on enslaving the masses by removing the free will of all creatures. And the Justice League is always there to stop him from fulfilling his wishes.

This time the battle is about to be fought against a creature of great power, whose actions in the past have had varying degrees of influence: the Anti-Controller (now known as Mobius), the boss of the fourth world if possible.

But despite what it may seem like, the rivalry between these two heavyweights is at the core of the issue (with the help of some character from Wonder Woman’s entourage), so Jones takes it seriously that their fight will be at the top of this event. Really unexpected surprises in this regard…

Darkseid, DC Comics, ECC Editions

Superhero comic with capital letters

Finding a pajama story that better represents the superhero genre seems like a tough task. Considering all the pillars and clichés these stories are based on, Darkseid’s War is in many ways the pinnacle of what they can achieve.

We have an artist in a state of grace like Jason Fabok, who has the ability to paint epic battles of men in colorful costumes shooting lightning bolts, wielding awesome weapons and projecting waves of energy. And here it is at the highest level. Even worse, in his absence (he only handles regular Justice League series, not supplements) we have people like Francis Manapul, Ivan Reyes, Fernando Pasarin, Jesus Merino or Ivan “Doc”. Shaner, there is nothing there.

Making it clear that in this comic we will find everything that the reader of DC Comics expects, where the action of the bomb is very important (which is often assumed, but in this case it is a serious mistake), it will only be necessary for the story to reach its level. And luckily, he…

Darkseid, DC Comics, ECC Editions

Geoff Johns, the patriarch of the DC Universe

If Chris Claremont was the patriarch of mutants, it would be fitting that John Decita would be called the patriarch. Very few screenwriters have shown so much love for the characters, they have cared so much about telling good stories and giving them a sense of unity and meaning, and they understand their weight like he does.

True to his style, Johns integrates multiple heroes and villains into this story, giving each a place and relying on the work of fellow screenwriters responsible for writing the show’s complements (such as Dan Jurgens or Tom King, to name a few). And unleash his incredible flair for putting our favorite characters in never-before-seen situations.

For example, we see Batman occupy Metron’s chair, thereby becoming the god of knowledge. This brings him many revelations, some of which are about his eternal nemesis, the Joker, laying the foundation years later for a great story called Three Jokes…

This plot twist and awesomeness everywhere is the culmination of the party where the New 52 gives way to a time of fireworks, madness and a great story that will blow everything in the minds of the readers. The desire of the authors was great and luckily they managed to get where they wanted…

This volume is presented in hardcover, contains 528 color pages and includes a translation of the American edition of the Justice League numbers. 40-50, DC Snake’s View: Justice League Vol. 1, Justice League: Darkseid War Special Vol. 1, Justice League: Darkseid War: Batman v. 1, Justice League: Darkseid War: Superman Vol. 1, Justice League: Darkseid War: The Flash Vol. 1, Justice League: Darkseid War: Green Lantern Vol. 1, Justice League: The Dark Side of War, Shazam! No. 1 and Justice League: Darkseid War: Lex Luthor Vol. 1, and a final episode loaded with alternate covers and character designs. It has a recommended retail price of €54.50 and goes on sale in April 2024.

Darkseid War

Justice League: Darkseid’s War (Greatest DC Graphic Novels)

Darkseid returns to Earth to turn our world into a battlefield against his enemy: the Anti-Controller! Will the Justice League and allies like Mr. Miracle be able to prevent the planet from suffering the same fate as the crime syndicate on the run?

Darkseid War is Geoff Johns great farewell screenwriter for the adventures of the most powerful team in the DC Universe. In this book, he is featured alongside cartoonists Jason Fabok and Francis Manapool, as well as guest stars such as Kevin Maguire and Jim Lee. There is an unwritten rule in the DC Universe: the Justice League must always face impossible threats.

Darkseid and his minions from the Fourth World joining forces with the Anti-Monitor, the creature that once destroyed the multiverse, is perhaps one of the most terrifying dangers the team has ever faced. Unbridled action is presented.

Authors: Dan Jurgens, Geoff Jones, Dan Abnett, Tom King, Rob Williams, Steve Orlando, Peter J. Grumet, Bong Dazo and Evan “Doc” Shaner