Return of Villains: Villains 2 is here to revolutionize the summer of 2025.

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An Unexpected Return marks the end of the season, offering adventure, humor and a touch of redemption for the villains.

In a move that has animated movie fans on the edge of their seats, DreamWorks has revealed its cards for its next big release in the summer of 2025: The Bad Guys 2. A sequel that promises to continue the adventures of our favorite anti-heroes. It has created a wave of excitement and speculation on the network, which will undoubtedly be one of the most watched movie events of the year.

The most charming gang in animated cinema is back, and this time, they face the challenge of maintaining their new identities as “good guys.” After a life of misadventure, Mr. Wolf and his gang return to the world of crime, where a gang of female criminals gives them one last irresistible job. The plot promises a mix of twisted comedy, action and of course a little emotional drama.

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The team behind the success

With stars such as Sam Rockwell, Marc Maron, Craig Robinson, Anthony Ramos and Awkwafina confirmed to return, Bad Guys 2 reunites the talented cast that brought these beloved characters to life in the original adventure. They’re joined by names like Zazie Beats and Richard Ayoade, guaranteeing that the mix of vocal talent will be as powerful as the first episode.

Pierre Perifel, with Damon Ross producing and JP Sans co-directing, promises to take this sequel to new heights by incorporating surprising narratives and visual innovations. With a top-notch creative team, Oscar nominee Daniel Pemberton aims to exceed expectations with music, the compositions are expected to add a deep and vibrant emotional layer to the film, thereby enriching the overall experience. This dynamic trio is focused on creating a series that not only entertains, but also sticks in the minds of the audience.

The bad onesThe bad ones

Date to mark on the calendar

With a release date set for August 1, 2025, The Bad Guys 2 is the finishing touch to a summer full of movies. Expectations are increasing day by day, and the first part is not surprising given the success and reception among audiences of all ages.

Inspired by the successful book series by Aaron Blabey, this sequel promises to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor but expands the universe of these complex and entertaining characters. Its ability to combine fast-paced action with real emotion and witty humor is what makes Bad Guys such a popular franchise for a wide variety of audiences.

The bad onesThe bad ones

As DreamWorks gets its nails done for this release, fans and followers of the saga are already counting down the days. Everyone’s question: Can our heroes stay on the right side of the law this time? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: the summer of 2025 will undoubtedly be even more exciting with Bad Guys 2 in theaters.

This approach to Bad Guys 2 not only underscores the promise created, but also highlights the talent and creativity of this highly anticipated sequel. With top-notch voice acting and a story that promises to be as fun or more exciting than its predecessor, it looks like DreamWorks has another sure fire hit on its hands. The countdown to summer 2025 has already begun, and expectations will only grow.