One piece #104 review

One piece #104 review

Planeta Comic brings us the sound of Wano’s war ending and a great era beginning in one piece

One Piece is one of the great stories of 21st century literature, I’m not saying it for the first time and believe me I will continue to say it. In the year In Spain, Planeta Comic has been publishing this super-long manga for almost 20 years, giving readers a lot of joy. This summer, the publisher published volume 104 of the collection, this volume shows the before and after signs in the work.

One Piece: The End of Wano

In issue 103, we see how Kid and Law defeat Big Mom, one of the Four Emperors (Yonko) who rule the New World. Additionally, we get to see Luffy’s new power-up, Fifth Gear, but one that subverts the World Government’s highest authority. We’ve reached the end of the Wano War in issue #104, where Luffy can only defeat the other emperor and the most powerful being in the world, Kaido. As you can imagine, the result is predictable, although not the way it happens, it is amazing.

The news that the Wano country has been freed has reached all corners of the world, but the most shocking thing is related to the defeat of the Sea Emperors. Chaos around the world. But not only that, the fall of two Yonko means two other pirates take their place, causing even more chaos. I won’t say who the new Yonko are, but I assure you it’s amazing.

Led by Luffy’s father Dragon and Sabo, the revolutionary army is not only in chaos because of the Onigashima incident, but is gaining strength and popularity across all seas. All of this is told in a few vignettes as informational stuff, since Wano is what this manga really focuses on.

One Piece, One Piece nº 104, Planeta Comic

After the war, the samurai country is finally freed and once again ruled by the Kozuki clan, which brings about a great change in the country. And as usual, after a great adventure, the protagonists have a big party, but an unwanted guest might try to disrupt the celebration. On the other hand, we will have more clues related to the Vid Century, ancient weapons and the Foneglyphico River, making it clear that the end of One Piece is near. In addition, we find the presence of one of the most mysterious and beloved characters in the work.

Oda proves once again that it’s okay to cram amazing fights, jokes, drama and emotional moments into a few pages. The closing of the Wano Saga could not have ended in a more interesting way, the saga may not be able to maintain a high level at any time, but the results shown in the audio should make everyone satisfied.

One Piece, One Piece nº 104, Planeta Comic

The picture quality is still very good. Oda continues to show his immense talent and originality in his designs, showing wonderful vignettes where you can see many small details, especially the large ones. It’s true that the ending of some of the vignettes could have been done much better, but luckily there are some very special moments where these pictures are shown.

Planeta Comics issue of One Piece #104

Like the entire collection, Planeta Comics published this volume in the same format as the Japanese, Tankobo, a paperback with a dust jacket and covers measuring 11.1 x 17.7 cm. It is true, they may not be the best parameters, especially for flash pages, but we are dealing with a collection that started in 2004 and it makes no sense to start changing the sizes of the volumes. Avoiding this, the layout (there is no problem to read even with the measurements), the printing and the translation are still good. The quantity is available at a price of €8.50.

One Piece #104 is the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. The end of Wano’s amazing arc is fantastic and sets the reader up for a new stage like never before in one piece. The actors reached the big leagues where more dangerous challenges awaited them and it didn’t take them long to achieve all their dreams. Although he hasn’t stopped since 1997, Eiichiro Oda has proven once again that there is no one who can cover him and One Piece.

A piece number 104

One Piece, One Piece nº 104, Planeta Comic

Author: Eiichiro Oda

Publisher: Planeta Comic

Format: Rustic with dust jacket with flap

Dimensions: 11.1 x 17.7 cm

Pages: 184 black and white pages

ISBN: 978-84-1140-175-3

Price: 8,50 €

Summary: 20 long years have passed under the rule of Kaido and Orochi. After so much suffering, will it be possible to free the country of Wano and make its people smile again? The weight falls on Luffy’s big fist! The peak of Wano country’s arc has been reached!

Here is a story about pirates looking for a piece of a great treasure!!