Rebel Moon: From Space Opera to Cult Phenomenon

Rebel Moon

Zack Snyder wants to give a special place to his new movie Rebel Moon. Teasing in 70mm in cinemas before conquering Netflix

In the depths of the cosmos, the magic of celluloid is preparing to unleash its charm on an adventure that promises to be more than just a visual experience: Rebel Moon, Zack Snyder’s latest creation, is about to enter the cinema sky upon its release. 70 mm format. Before landing on Netflix screens, this space opera will have a limited release in some of the world’s most iconic theaters.

A unique experience for Rebel Moon

Snyder’s choice for the 70mm format is no accident; A tribute to a great cinematic classic, it requires total immersion. From December 15 to 21, Prince Charles Cinemas in London, TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto, The Paris Theater in New York and the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles will be the chosen sanctuaries for this experience. The latter, by fate, belongs to Netflix, which will host “Rebel Moon” starting December 22.

What began as an idea for Star Wars became its own entity under Snyder’s vision. With influences from the legendary Akira Kurosawa and the legendary Heavy Metal magazine, Rebel Moon tells the story of Kora, played by Sofia Botella, who summons the bravest of the galaxy to confront an evil empire. This tapestry of characters is woven together by talents such as Digimon Hounsou and Anthony Hopkins, with Snyder directing and penning the script.

The universe of Rebel Moon expands.

Snyder’s ambition knows no bounds. Their plan: a cinematic universe spanning more films and multimedia content to explore galactic mythology. “Rebel Moon” is split into two parts, marking 2023 and 2024 as the saga years.

70mm Select Cinemas, Netflix Exclusive, Rebel Moon Premiere, Cinematographic Universe, Zack Snyder Cinema

Snyder’s vision, however, extends beyond the big screen. House of Bloodaxe, a prequel comic series, will be released in January 2024, with an animated series and video games already in the pipeline. All, according to Snyder, “to understand the scale of the myth we were working with. However, not everything in this vast universe is light; A shadow is looming with the lawsuit of Evil Genius Games on Netflix, which leaves the future of its tabletop RPG up in the air.

The event before Netflix

The First Countdown to Rebel Moon – Part One: Son of Fire Begins. While fans eagerly await The Certain in theaters on December 15th, it will arrive on Netflix on the 22nd of the same month, promising a galactic journey that will redefine the way we use the sci-fi genre and epic space.

70mm Select Cinemas, Netflix Exclusive, Rebel Moon Premiere, Cinematographic Universe, Zack Snyder Cinema

Rebel Moon is not just a movie; It is the gateway to the cosmos, where heroism and treachery draw the fates of the stars. In a narrative that captures the grandeur of the classics and the boldness of the new, Snyder invites the viewer to become part of an odyssey that feels both personal and universal. And as its release nears, one thing is clear: Rebel Moon is set to leave its mark on cinematic history, not just as a film, but as the birth of a new world that promises to captivate sci-fi fans. .