The highly anticipated yuri anime suffers from an unfortunate delay

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The highly anticipated Whispered Love Song anime adaptation has been delayed by three months, much to the disappointment of fans who were eagerly anticipating a January 2024 release. The delay could be due to technical issues and production problems behind the scenes including a change of directors. and a new studio co-producing the series. These changes raise concerns about the anime’s visual and technical quality. Whisper Me Love Song is a wholesome yuri story that is very popular among LGBTQ+ manga fans.

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The much-anticipated Whispering Love Song anime adaptation has faced an unfortunate delay, much to the dismay of fans. Whisper Me A Love Song revolves around high school student Himari who, after watching the band perform on the first day of school, tells vocalist Yori that she likes him vocally, but Yori interprets it as a love confession. What follows is a wholesome yuri story that never spins its wheels with its relationship and has quickly become a staple among LGBTQ+ manga fans.

The upcoming anime Whisper of My Love Song has drawn more attention to the series, but unfortunately, it’s about to face a major delay. While it was set to premiere in early January 2024, the Whisper Me Love Song anime has now been delayed for three months and won’t air until April 2024.

Considering how little promotional material there was, it is reasonable for the series to be delayed, and although it does not affect the story in any way, some of the additional technical issues of the delay are unfortunately not good. Anime plays.

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Whisper Me Love Song problems will go beyond change on the day of release

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Worse than Whisper Love Song’s delay, however, are the various issues that occur during its production. In addition to Akira Mano replacing Xin Ya Cai as director, Cloud Hearts is now collaborating with Yokohama Animation Lab instead of animating the anime itself. All of that suggests that Whisper of a Love Song is suffering from serious production issues behind the scenes, and that being delayed for an entire anime season is going to be a lot of trouble both visually and technically. with various personnel changes.

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However, there are some downsides to the various product changes that have been announced. With Akira Mano replacing Xin Ya Cai as director, for example, since health issues prevented Xin Ya Cai from working on the series, that might not be a problem. Also, Cloud Hearts is a fairly new studio with two productions before Whisper Me Love Song, so having another studio produce the series would help ease the stress on the animators. None of that changes the changes with the crew, but whispers suggest that the love song production might not be all bad.

Delays in Whisper Me Love Song are typical of the anime industry.

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Whispering Me Love Song’s delay and general production issues are really unfortunate, and what’s worse is that they’re typical of the anime industry. With studios overextending themselves and animators overworked, producing anime has become increasingly difficult, and 2023 has seen many anime in particular, such as Zoom 100: The Dead Bucket List, that have been delayed for weeks and months. Whether or not Whisper of Love Song will survive is unknown, but having issues still adds to the toxicity of modern anime production, and with any luck, the delay will be the least of its problems.

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