My Hero Academia reveals the relationship between the second user and Bakugou to everyone

All for one mistake Bakugo for the second user in My Hero Academia Chapter 406


My Hero Academia shows Bakugou’s relationship with the mysterious second user and how it shapes his fate in the final battle. All-for-All The second user blames Kudo for matching One-for-All and Bakugo for Kudo’s mistakes. Bakugou’s abilities are growing like Kudo, making him an opponent capable of winning all-for-one and creating a two-on-two battle.

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Warning: My Hero Academia Chapter #406 contains spoilers. My Hero Academia will finally reveal the secret identity of the Second User and Bakugo’s relationship with All for One, which may be the key to the final battle and the series finale.

While the series is quickly coming to an end, the second user and his story with One-on-One remains largely a mystery. Not only were his fights confusing to all readers, but his resemblance to Bakugou led to many speculations about the true relationship between the two. That said, the final chapter finally reveals the most crucial piece of the puzzle.

All for one mistake Bakugo for the second user in My Hero Academia Chapter 406

The final chapter revealed that the second user was finally named Kudo and gave fans another look at his previous battle with All One which finally revealed why All One hates him as well as Bakugou. Him in appearance and spirit.

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All for one makes the second user accountable to one for all existence

All have a flashback to his fight with the second user in My Hero Academia.

Chapter #406 of My Hero Academia finally reveals that everyone hates the second user, Kudo, because his power was created by reaching Yoichi, who is responsible for the creation of One and All. All One’s old hatred for Kudo is felt when Bakugo sees Bakugou mistaking them for Kudo due to their similar appearance, confirming the long assumed similarity between the second user and Bakugo as well as the possibility of Bakugo being All One. The final opponent.

Everyone’s intense hatred for Kudo probably explains the fight’s biggest mysteries, especially why everyone seems to be crying by the end. It is clear from the many instances where all of them flash to one Kudo’s face that even though he is victorious, the war has taken its toll on him. While he sees the One for All as a worthy opponent, Kudo’s parting ways with the user are enough to make the battle a frenzy.

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In My Hero Academia-1, Bakugou's powers are evolving in a battle against all one.

Currently, Bakugo seems to be following in Kudo’s exact footsteps. Bakugo could be more of an annoyance than the second user. In fact, he might even take things a step further and go all-in against all odds, making the final battle of the series two-for-two.

As such, Bakugou’s final battle seems certain, and his relationship with the second user may provide just the thematic depth needed to make the fight worthy of the finale. Regardless, My Hero Academia Final Battle is far from over, leaving plenty of room for more equally surprising and shocking revelations.

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