One tragedy of My Hero Academia is completely ignored in the story

মাই হিরো একাডেমিয়া: ক্যামি পুনর্বাসন কোর্সে থাকার প্রতিক্রিয়া জানায়।


Kamine’s abduction of the League of Villains initially went undetected and was later covered up by Shiketsu High School. The public release of Kami’s kidnapping would have allowed the League of Villains to further erode their trust in heroes and close down the hero schools. The impact of Kami’s abduction has raised awareness of the Toga threat and measures to prevent future kidnappings, which have benefited schools of heroes during the exodus.

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While Bakugo’s kidnapping was big news in My Hero Academia, another student seemingly taken by the League of Villains went completely unnoticed just like Bakugo. This student is none other than Kamii Utsushimi, the girl that Kamiko Toga impersonated during the Provisional Permit Exam arc.

Kami was a student at Shiketsu High School, a rival of UA in the West and had to take part in the licensing exam until something happened and she was replaced by a toga before appearing on screen. The real Kami doesn’t appear until nearly 50 chapters later in the Reformation Course arc. Shiketsu didn’t suspect that Kami had been replaced after the real Kami came to them about four days after losing her memory and showing signs that she had taken the potion. It’s unclear exactly what happened to Cami, but the implication seems to be that she was drugged until she was taken away by the league and returned to Toga.

Kamine’s abduction is covered by Shiketsu

My Hero Academia: Cami reacts to being on a rehab course.

While Bakugo’s kidnapping received a lot of press, and the UA was forced to announce it had happened, there was no indication that Shiketsu would take ownership of what happened to Kamim. This suggests that the school went out of its way to keep it quiet, and it’s understandable why they tried to do that because of Bakugo’s kidnapping. Since Kamine’s absence was only noticed after her return, there seems to be a desire to sweep it under the rug, the only visible acknowledgment being Kamine’s attendance at a refresher course, having completely missed the licensing exam.

As for the story, it’s a shame that what happened with Kami wasn’t more widely known. It would further erode trust in heroes and their ability to protect people, as well as serve the League of Villains’ agenda well by making people distrust the schools of heroes. The publicizing of this event, especially since it followed closely after the Bakugo incident, caused the hero schools to be temporarily closed. Of course, without the heroic students ready to help them, the heroes are in dire straits as well, now vastly outnumbered by the villains, which only gets worse after the prison ruins.

Kamine’s abduction is heavily discussed in the My Hero Academia manga and anime, but it has a long-lasting impact. Hero schools like UA became more aware of what a threat Toga Kirk could be and took steps to prevent Toga from re-entering their ranks in disguise. These measures are especially helpful in the story arcs after the Paranormal War of Independence, when the schools become evacuation shelters for civilians. Even so, Kami’s abduction quickly doesn’t portray the heroes in a great light and may be one of My Hero Academia’s biggest misses.

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