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Attack on Titan final episode review

Attack on Titan final episode review


The much-anticipated finale of Attack On Titan has crushed the Crunchyroll servers, proving it to be one of the most popular anime series of all time. Despite criticism surrounding the manga’s ending, Attack on Titan’s ending was well-received, with anime-only fans appreciating the honesty and complexity of Eren’s character in their final moments, thanks to a small but important rewrite by author Hajime. Isayama himself. The finale wrapped up the series perfectly, highlighting the cyclical nature of hatred and violence in the world and giving satisfying endings to all the main characters. The show’s production value has impressed fans.

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The long-awaited Attack On Titan finale is here, and it’s taken over social media and crashed Crunchyroll’s servers like few other animes have done before. The anticipation for what is considered to be one of the most popular anime of all time to come to an end was amazing, especially given the long wait fans had to wait for it. An impressive ten-year run for the series has come to an end, and the final episode was done right by the show.

The hour-long episode featured some of the best action in the entire series and brought together characters who were once enemies to fight a common enemy. From the brutal deaths to the shocking plot twists, the final episode of Attack on Titan was the perfect finale to the series that you’ll miss forever.

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Attack on Titan’s ending was well received, despite criticism

When the final chapter of the manga came out in 2021, it received a lot of hate. Much of the criticism was directed towards Eren and his behavior in the final moments, especially when he confessed his feelings for Mikasa after destroying the world. This came as a shock to readers as Eren’s character turned out to be tragic in the final moments. On the other hand, anime-only fans appreciated that Eren was honest about his feelings for Mikasa after so long. The crusade against humanity was just a way to make his friends heroes to kill him, so making it clear before he died made Eren a deeper character.

Another major source of criticism was that in Armin’s final conversation with Eren, despite killing 80 percent of humanity, he seemed to accept and validate his friend’s actions. However, this conversation was extended in the anime, making Eren and Armin’s final moments much better than in the manga, and proving that Eren’s actions were in no way justified.

Attack on Titan’s final game wrapped up the series perfectly.

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Every major attack has the satisfying ending a Titan character deserves. Eren gets what he wants, though his twisted plan goes awry, Levi finally retires after years of war, Ymir is freed from a two-thousand-year curse, and Mikasa returns to her childhood home. Armin and the other scouts become messengers of peace and end the war between Paradise Island and the outside world. However, the show is grounded in reality, showing that even after all this, the cycle of hatred and violence will never end and war will continue. Although there are many happy endings, the show makes it clear that these issues will always hurt the world.

For these reasons, Attack On Titan manages to deliver an endgame that is both satisfying and intriguing. This is mostly because these final episodes faithfully adapt the original story and Hajime Isayama’s wonderful writing. The characters had to face the biggest battle yet: from the impossible task of facing hundreds of Titans to the psychological trauma of killing a friend, the fight to save humanity was highlighted in an action-packed show. The fight was amazing, but everyone met their end, good or bad. Many questions are also answered, mainly because of Ymir’s loyalty to the Fritz family.

Former employees reunited for an unforgettable final attack on Titan

For the final episode of Attack on Titan, Mappa made sure to bring back the team that helped make the series unique and popular. Linked Horizon, who created the opening songs for the first three seasons and created the wonderful music “Shinzo wa Sasageyo”, made the anime community very happy with the opening song. Renowned animator Arifumi Imai, responsible for the famous Levi vs Beast Titan fight and Levi’s chase scenes, came on board alongside Mikasa to animate Levi’s final battle with Eren. Mappa has gone above and beyond to ensure that the finale captures the true essence of Attack on Titan. It was great to see the people from the beginning there to witness the end.

The last episode of Attack On Titan was a fitting end to the masterpiece and one of the best anime endings in recent years. It had everything fans could dream of – from shocking plot twists and amazing character arcs to flawless production. Isayama’s addition to the source material makes it even better, and fans can rest easy knowing that no resource was spared when making this episode. Years after its conclusion, Attack continues to live on in the hearts of millions and stands out as an example of animation that both did justice to the source material and in some ways surpassed it.

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Attack on Titan

Official date: 2013-04-07

take on Matthew Mercer, Josh Grell, Hiroshi Kamiya, Shiori Mikami, Jerry Jewell, Kisho Taniyama, Jessica Calvello, Mashiko Tanaka, Yui Ishikawa, Romy Park, Robert McCollum, Tomohisa Hashizume, Hiro Shimono, Trina Nishimura.

Main type: Action

Genres: Animation, adventure, action

Level: TV-MA

Seasons: 4

Summary: Many years ago, humanity was forced to retreat behind the walls of a fortified city to escape the giant, man-eating titans that roamed the land outside the fortress. This is their story. With his hometown in ruins, young Eren Yeager is determined to fight the giant titans that threaten to wipe out the human race.

Frances: Attack on Titan

Characters by: Hajime Isayama

Distributor: Adult swimming (tonami)

Main characters: Armin Arlert, Mikasa Ackerman, Eren Jaeger

Production company: Witt Studio, MAP

Story by: Hajime Isayama