Zoom 100 finally returns with new episodes for the Christmas special

Zoom 100 characters


Zoom 100: The Dead Bucket List has faced several delays during its run, but the final three episodes will finally be released in time for Christmas. The anime’s unique and whimsical apocalyptic plot line attracted many viewers, but production issues and busy workers led to indefinite hiatus, drawing attention to the working conditions faced by Japanese anime studios, a satire for anime. Christmas Day provides a fitting conclusion to the first season.

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Zoom 100: The Dead Bucket List has finally announced the release date for the final three episodes of Season 1. Zoom 100 was the new anime of summer 2023 and it was set to be a success. The wacky apocalyptic plot line has attracted many new viewers, and the animation quality and unique characters have kept them watching. Unfortunately, the project encountered several delays while in progress and was eventually shelved.

The Zoom 100 was put on hold indefinitely on September 25, due to multiple delays in the product. There are three episodes left, but they had to be put on hold and fans have no idea when they will be released. Now, it looks like the studio behind the anime has finally resolved the issues.

According to the anime’s official website, the final 3 episodes of Zoom 100: The Mortal Bucket List will all air on December 25, 2023. When it airs on Christmas Day, the episodes will be available to stream on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

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Zoom 100 comes to its final season 1 with a Christmas special

Zoom 100 characters

ZOOM 100: Bucket List of the Dead is the first anime by BUG FILM, based on the manga by Haro Aso and Kotaro Takata. While the animation and design seemed to be on point, behind the scenes there were many production issues that caused weekly delays. Ultimately, the studio ran out of slots to air the remaining three episodes, leading to an indefinite hiatus. However, after a two-month hiatus to resolve these issues, the studio is now confident of releasing the remaining episodes on the biggest holiday of the year.

One of the reasons why Zoom 100 was such an instant hit was because of its unique premise. While the zombie outbreak is a tragic event as usual, the main character Akira Tendo is thrilled to be unable to return to work at the exploitative company. The anime was a perfect fit for the studio, which had a heavy workload under the studio previously responsible for Pokemon before branching off on its own. This theme brings to light the unfortunate delays behind the anime, perhaps due to an overworked staff, a bit sarcastic and even sad, especially for fans of the show.

Akira Tendo in episode 1

The summer of 2023 was unforgettable with the release of a new anime that took the industry by storm. This anime not only provides good entertainment, but also highlights the terrible working conditions faced by Japanese anime studios. Although not everyone’s expectations, the creators can redeem themselves by providing a fitting conclusion to the first season of Zoom 100: The Dead Bucket List with the final three episodes airing on Christmas Day.

Sources: AnimeTV by X; Zoom 100 official website.

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    Dead TV Poster Zoom 100 Bucket List

Zoom 100: The Dead Bucket List

Official date: 2023-07-09

take on Zeno Robinson, Abby Trott, Xander Mobus, Laura Post

Genres: Anime, comedy, horror

Level: Not measured

Seasons: 1

Story by: Haro Aso, Kotaro Takata

Writers: Hiroshi Seko

Streaming service Netflix

Franchise(s): Zoom 100: The Dead Bucket List

Directors: Kazuki Kawagoe