A new very destructive and powerful team has arrived at Marvel

nuevo grupo - GODS

GODS #2 introduces a new group of natural systems capable of creating and destroying the universe

Marvel has introduced a team in the universe with an unrivaled power capable of redefining what we know as destruction and creation. In GODS #2, readers are immersed in a fascinating and terrifying display of the power of the Natural Order, a new group in the Marvel Universe.

Cubic Core, Event Babylon, Gods #2, The Natural Order of Things

Marvel’s most powerful and destructive team

At the center of this story is a natural system with not only incredible power, but unprecedented destructive power. The Order conducted real-time experiments on the universes used to understand the mysterious Babylon phenomenon, demonstrating their ability to create and destroy entire universes.

Jonathan Hickman and Valerio Schitti take us to Centum headquarters, where the natural order of things is debating the mysterious “Babylon Incident.” In order to understand their nature, many “casting universes” were created and then the Babylonian event took place in real time, recording the results. This amazing display of centum power reveals more about the Babylonian phenomenon, but at the cost of several universes.

Reimagining Marvel’s most powerful creatures

The existence of a natural order of things is revealed in God’s First Edition along with powerful forces.These two factions, representing science and magic, are kept in balance until a proto-mage steals the Cubic Core. The living court evokes the Babylon phenomenon. This forced the powerful and the natural order of things to unite. Readers meet several members of the Order, such as Iko and Doctor Circle, but the full extent of their powers is still a mystery.

Cubic Core, Event Babylon, Gods #2, The Natural Order of ThingsCubic Core, Event Babylon, Gods #2, The Natural Order of Things

Cubic Core: The cause of chaos in the Marvel Universe

Exploring the Cubisk Core, the central figure of this saga, we discover a complex and enigmatic character. Stealing the Living Court’s staff, Core unleashes the Babylonian Event, an event that threatens to upset the cosmic and magical balance of the universe. His role as a proto-mage represents a unique combination of science and magic that represents a new type of antagonist in the Marvel Universe.

The creation of disposable universes with natural elements, in response to Core’s actions, reveals not only the historical scale of the story, but also the moral complexity involved. Compared to historical Marvel characters like Thanos or Galactus, Core and Natural Order offer a more complex narrative where the lines between hero and villain are blurred and his actions have universal implications. The exploration of these themes adds a palpable depth and urgency to the GODS series, making it a vital addition to the Marvel lore.

The Natural Order of Things: An Immediate Threat in Marvel

The natural order based on science, even at the expense of life, emphasizes objective data. They are determined to stop the Babylon phenomenon, but the methods used are questionable. The power to create and destroy is common to the gods, and the natural order of things proves that they have this ability.

Cubic Core, Event Babylon, Gods #2, The Natural Order of ThingsCubic Core, Event Babylon, Gods #2, The Natural Order of Things

GODS #2, a window into an unimaginable force, is now on sale under the Marvel Comics imprint. With this new development, Marvel, in addition to expanding the universe and magical mythology, raises moral and ethical questions about power and its use. The Natural Order of Things redefines what it means to be powerful in the Marvel Universe, but also poses a moral dilemma about creation and destruction on a global scale. How far will they go in their efforts to stop the Babylon phenomenon? What consequences does this have for the entire universe?