Home Series Noah Howey Reimagines ‘Alien’: A Narrative Journey of Quality Over Quantity

Noah Howey Reimagines ‘Alien’: A Narrative Journey of Quality Over Quantity

Noah Howey Reimagines ‘Alien’: A Narrative Journey of Quality Over Quantity

FX is playing on Howley’s vision for multiple seasons of ‘Alien’, showing it will have a meaningful ending and a great cast and crew.

The news that Noah Hawley is planning a series of ‘Alien’ series has caused quite a stir in the science fiction genre fan community. But what makes this news special? Let’s dive into the details of what this series promises to be.

After a hiatus due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, the FX-produced series has resumed production, and it’s doing so in a unique location: Thailand. The inclusion of an all-star cast with names like Timothy Olyphant, Issy Davis, Alex Lawser and Sidney Chandler has already raised high expectations.


Known for his work on projects like ‘Legion’, Hawley is distinguished by his focus on a narrative with a clear ending. He firmly believes that the end gives meaning to history. This philosophy is crucial in the approach of the ‘Alien’ series, where it aims to build a plot that grows and develops each season. Their vision is in line with FX, which requires a recurring series rather than a limited run.

Quality over quantity: FX’s confidence in Hawley

Following the success of ‘Fargo,’ Hawley earned FX’s trust, allowing him to focus on finishing the story without needing to. This mutual trust is an indication that FX values ​​quality over quantity, a philosophy that resonates with audiences seeking deep and well-developed narrative experiences.

Although it’s too early to determine his exact role behind the camera, Hawley is excited about the opportunity to direct a project as ambitious and in a genre as popular as sci-fi. His previous experience suggests that he will bring a unique and interesting perspective to the series.


The universe expands beyond the series

At the same time, 20th Century Studios has several ‘Alien’-related projects underway. One of them is a film directed by Fede Alvarez that is scheduled to be released next year and will further expand this rich universe.

The combination of a focus on meaningful stories, a top-notch creative team, and the promise of multiple seasons make Noah Howey’s ‘Alien’ series a project to watch closely. For fans of science fiction and the ‘Alien’ universe, these developments promise a quality narrative experience filled with emotion and depth. With FX backing Hawley, we are sure that this series will be an unforgettable journey for the viewers.

The disappointment of the ‘Alien’ universe

Over the years, the ‘Alien’ universe has experienced both cinematic successes and projects that, unfortunately, never came to fruition. Among the most famous unfinished projects is the sequel to ‘Alien: Resurrection’ proposed by director Jean-Pierre Jeunet and screenwriter Joss Whedon, which has never seen the light of day. This film explores new directions in the saga, but remains in the early stages of development.


Another disappointing ambition was Nel Blomkamp’s version of ‘Alien 5’. In the year Announced to much fanfare in 2015, the film ignored the events of the third and fourth films and picked up Sigourney Weaver’s story as Ripley. Although it raised high hopes among fans, the project was eventually dropped for Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien: Covenant’, which will have a sequel and everything seems to indicate that it won’t happen unless it’s an Alvarez project.

Looking ahead, the ‘Alien’ universe continues to expand with exciting new projects. In addition to the aforementioned Noah Hawley series on FX, Fede Alvarez is working on a new film set for theatrical release in the ‘Alien’ universe. This movie was released in 2010. It promises to bring new visions and characters to the 1979 sci-fi thriller created by Ridley Scott. With these developments, fans can expect even more terrifying and thrilling adventures in the vast and dark cosmos of ‘Alien’.