Nicolas Cage responds to Tim Burton about his cameo in The Flash


Actor Nicolas Cage faces criticism and reveals secrets behind his cameo as Superman in Flashpoint

It seems that Nicolas Cage couldn’t escape the great web of controversy surrounding The Flash. Can you imagine facing a giant spider in a movie scene and then discovering that everything is manipulated by technology? Well, that’s exactly what happened to our beloved Nicolas, who appeared as the Man of Steel in a surprise cameo, but things didn’t go exactly as he expected.

I wasn’t the one fighting the spider

In the vortex of conflicting opinions, they emerge critics by someone very close to the initial Son of Krypton project that Cage would have participated in: Tim Burton. The visionary director expressed his “quiet rebellion” against the use that, according to him, of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was made to recreate some parts of the film.

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Nicolas, on the other hand, tries to clarify things and clarify the situation: “When I went to see the movie, it was me fighting a giant spider. I did not. “That’s not what I did.” Cage suggests that, rather than artificial intelligence, it was CGI that played an important role in this scene, allowing him to fight a spider and digitally rejuvenating him. Furthermore, he shared his discontent and personal concern about the use of artificial intelligence, describing it as inhumane.

The cameo challenge and the multiversal controversy

Flashpoint was a battlefield where opinions, expectations and disappointments collided. The film was criticized for both its visual quality and the execution of its multiverse cameos, some of which felt more like a generational confusion than a cinematic homage.

One of the main ones points of criticism it was the non-appearance of Grant Gustin as The Flash, a detail that many fans considered a missed opportunity. Surprise appearances, delivered via AI or CGI models, often came across as emotionless, leaving audiences disconnected.

artificial intelligence, Nicolas Cage, Superman, The Flash, Tim Burton

Caught on time

In the tumultuous sky of superheroes, Cage briefly shone as a Short-lived Superman in Flash point. This isn’t the first time Cage has taken on the role of the Man of Steel. Back in the 90s, he almost played Superman in a film directed by Tim Burton, Superman Lives, which unfortunately never saw the light of day. That version promised to be unique and extraordinary, presenting a Superman like never before seen.

The movie Scarlet Speedster attempted to resurrect that vision, mixing past and present in a cameo that attempted to pay homage to what could have been. However, the intervention of technology and the criticism received seem to have clouded Cage’s expected appearance, leaving us once again with nostalgia for that Superman who remained trapped in the trunk of unfinished projects.

The image of the controversy

Returning to our Superman, or what could have been, Nicolas share empathy with Burton’s concerns about appropriation and artificial intelligence: “I would be very unhappy if people took my art and appropriated it,” he commented.

artificial intelligence, Nicolas Cage, Superman, The Flash, Tim Burton

In a universe where multiverses have become a trend and nostalgia a tool, Flashpoint finds itself caught in the middle try to pay homage and technological innovation. However, amidst the storm of criticism and opinion, there are also moments of reflection and debate that will undoubtedly continue to fuel conversations and discussions in the world of superheroes for a long time to come.

Let’s hope that the next time we see Cage with the cape and the “S” on his chest, it will be in a more heroic way than what Flashpoint showed.