Nick Fury finds himself in the eyes of Frank Castle in a new Marvel comic

Frank Castle, Garth Ennis, Get Fury, Marvel Comics, Vietnam War

Ennis and Burroughs reunited during the Vietnam War in Nick Fury’s epic journey

From the shadow of the Vietnam War emerges a narrative that connects the fates of two titans of the Marvel universe: Frank Castle, also known as the Punisher, and Nick Fury. In an unexpected turn of events, Marvel Comics will launch a series under the adult reading label that pits these two characters against each other in a survival knife-edge mission called ‘Get Fury’.

Frank Castle, Garth Ennis, Meet the Fury, Marvel Comics, Vietnam War

The past trip

At the helm of this epic clash is Garth Ennis, who penned and brought punishment to life in stories that touched the hearts of fans. This time, Ennis teams up with multi-talented artist Jacen Burrows to weave a story set at the heart of one of the most controversial conflicts of the 20th century. The main cover is by Dave Johnson, with illustrations that promise to capture the brutality of the war and its characters, with the exception being the work of Burroughs.

The series transports us to 1971, in the midst of the Vietnam conflict. Nick Fury, a blindfolded spy whose secret mission is to destroy American bases, falls into the hands of the Viet Cong. Faced with the imminent threat of these secrets being revealed, the CIA turns to the US military’s deadliest man, Lieutenant Frank Castle. Their mission is clear and deadly: eliminate Fury before he threatens national security.

Reconnecting with echoes of the past

Ennis shares his enthusiasm for this project, citing a sense of closing the circle he began two decades ago with “Born,” the story of Frank Castle’s stop in the jungles of Vietnam. “If the last thing I write about Frank is ‘Fragrance,’ I think it will be a good farewell.

Frank Castle, Garth Ennis, Meet the Fury, Marvel Comics, Vietnam WarFrank Castle, Garth Ennis, Meet the Fury, Marvel Comics, Vietnam War

Burroughs, for his part, highlights the joy of working on a project that not only challenges his creativity, but also satisfies his desire for historical research. The accuracy with which he depicts the period of the Vietnam War speaks to the artist’s commitment to immersing readers in a raw and authentic atmosphere.

In the depths of war

In the wider Marvel Universe, few characters embody the essence of danger and revenge like Frank Castle, also known as the Punisher. The transformation of a colorful soldier into a brutal vigilante is a tale that has resonated in the hearts of fans for decades. ‘Find Fury’ promises to further explore the character’s depth by delving into the tumultuous Vietnam War era, a setting that has served as the backdrop for some of Castle’s most complex and emotional stories.

On the other hand, Nick Fury is presented not only as a master spy, but also as a secret document that could change the course of history. Being captured by the Viet Cong creates a moral and strategic dilemma that tests the limits of loyalty and sacrifice. The decision to send a mission to destroy Frank Castle illustrates the brutal and sometimes unforgiving nature of wartime decisions. This clash between two Marvel icons is not only a clash of powers, but a reflection of the dark recesses of the human soul.

Frank Castle, Garth Ennis, Meet the Fury, Marvel Comics, Vietnam WarFrank Castle, Garth Ennis, Meet the Fury, Marvel Comics, Vietnam War

Goodbye (or New Beginning?)

‘Find Fury’ is not just a story of espionage and conflict; It goes to show that the heroes and anti-heroes that inhabit the Marvel Universe are complex. The relationship between Fury and Castle is explored in a context few can narrate, characterized by violence and respect. This promises to be a milestone in the history of both characters, a meeting that any fan of the comic book series will not want to miss.

The first issue of ‘Find Fury’ is available on Wednesday, May 1st, giving readers a glimpse into the dark heart of War through two of Marvel’s most dangerous men. Is this the final chapter in the Innis-written Frank Castle saga or the beginning of a new era? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the Marvel Universe is about to be shaken to its core.