Home Series Nautilus: The New Ocean Series Canceled by Disney +

Nautilus: The New Ocean Series Canceled by Disney +

Nautilus: The New Ocean Series Canceled by Disney +

Fired by Disney+ and saved by AMC? The Nautilus series, inspired by Jules Verne’s classic novel, will get a new life in 2024.

Do you remember the cute project that Disney+ was going to do about the fairy tale Captain Nemo? Yes, yes, it ended up in the trash. Well, you won’t believe where it ends. AMC decided to accept the Nautilus series and give it the place it deserves. Something like a televised phoenix that promises to return in 2024.

A Captain Nemo lives up to expectations

And who is at the helm of this narrative submarine? Shazad Laff, who already won us over with The Hunt for Love, now steps into the shoes of Captain Nemo. Imagine this: An Indian prince, exiled and imprisoned by the East India Company, decides to take matters into his own hands and steal the submarine Nautius in search of underwater adventures. Like comics, but in a wilder way.

AMC, the Nautilus series

This new Nemo looks like an underwater Robin Hood, a blast of revenge and adventure. Ben Davis, EVP of Original Programming for AMC Networks and AMC Studios, couldn’t contain his excitement: “Nautilus is a great drama that will appeal to fans of our Rise of Immortal universe and series like ‘Orphan Black: Echoes.’ “We look forward to bringing it to AMC+ and AMC as a special television event next year.”

No Mediocrity: A Dream Cast!

Aside from Laff, the cast is fantastic: Georgia Flood, Thierry Frémont, Pacharo Mzembe, Arlo Green, Tyrone Ngatai, Ling Cooper Tang, Andrew Shaw, Ashan Kumar, Celine Manville and Cayden Price. Come on, they’re not messed up. Behind the scenes, director Michael Matthews and executive producer and writer James Dormer put together this ten-episode titan.

Filming took place in Australia with the support of the Australian government. It’s curious, isn’t it? A series about an Indian prince, filmed in Australia, was first produced by an American company and eventually broadcast by another American company. Gives a life-changing experience!

AMC, the Nautilus seriesAMC, the Nautilus series

A new Robin Hood of the Sea or a revenge pirate?

The Nemo character has had many representations in popular culture, starting with Jules Verne’s classic version in movies and series adaptations. However, the fact that he is now an Indian prince adds a new complexity to this iconic character. This new twist on origins can tackle themes like colonialism, identity and revenge in a way that has never been done before. From being a mere explorer and scientist, as Verne paints him, to a man driven by rage and a quest for justice, there is a league of abysses and thousands of underwater character development.

It is also important to mention the rescue context of the series. After being canceled by The Mouse Company, the series was quickly picked up by AMC, suggesting that there is something worth exploring in this version of Nemo. Like the main character, the series itself had to navigate turbulent waters to find a home where it could flourish. Both the series and its main characters seem destined for a journey of redemption and self-discovery that we can’t wait to see.

AMC, the Nautilus seriesAMC, the Nautilus series

The inevitable comparison

The essence of this story is based on Jules Verne’s classic “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”. Although the original book took us on a mysterious journey through the deep sea, this new series promises a more human and vengeful character. It wouldn’t be fair to compare it to other adaptations like the 1954 Disney film, but it’s clear that this series has the potential to completely recreate the legend of Nemo and his Nautilus.

Now we’ll have to wait until 2024 to see how this new home at AMC fits into our beloved Nautilus. But something tells me it’s going to be an opera this time.